ORGAN: Art Car Boot Fair, Margate, a little bit more than an hot dog…




A little bit more than an hot dog…

A day at the The Seaside (capital T, capital S). It’s still there, in our memories, or our imagined memories. Going on a jet plane to a Beach is not The Seaside. The Seaside comes with challenges and history and a whole bunch of details and experiences that you don’t get anywhere else. It’s a gamble, for a start: what if it rains? Luck is everything.
At The Seaside, luck brings you sunny days, pretty shells, a win at bingo. Luck might also cause a whole set of strange circumstances to coincide, maybe a century of wear and tear that gets you sea glass. A bit more of a century of wear and tear gives you Margate, a pebble of sea glass left behind by a tide of holidaymakers who got on jet planes.
The thing is, lots of interesting things can be found in the tide line. Margate had the light and space and lack of attention to allow some artists to do their thing without hindrance. Off they went on the tide, and came back on the next one, bringing a gallery and a desire to restore, energise, cherish the place. Why bother? Because English seaside towns are unique, and they’re not perfect or easy places, and you get out of them what you bring to them. You don’t go to The Seaside to spend money (though goodness knows the seaside towns need it), but paddle and make sandcastles and poke around rock pools and get joy out of things that can’t easily be explained. Which brings us to the Margate Art Car Boot Fair.



Anybody who thinks the Art Car Boot Fair, particularly this Margate edition, is all about money, is a cynical knotted hanky-wearing old grump who needs to get in the sea, preferably at high tide and during a gale. Yes, there’s a queue for the Big Names at these things, and yes, people are there because bargains, because ebay, because ooh look there’s a famous person etc etc. And then the queues calm down and the families and dogs and curious and the arty eccentrics mingle and stare and laugh and a sweet and funny and unique day out is had by all. Can we please, please, have a little more focus, by the redoubtable journalists of our land, upon the less famous purveyors of art who make up the stalls of the ACBF each year, rain or shine? And the peripheral madness such as the Alternative Ministry Of Transport with their treadmill-driven monstrosities, or the galleries in garden sheds, the live screen printing, the performance art, the pin the tail on the artwork and the great little paintings that you have to dig through crates and lift into the light to appreciate… the gutsy ceramics, the bookshop in a caravan, the unknown local artists that the ACBF always try to include in their non-London outings.

Going back to the Big Names: Tracey Emin and Peter Blake had the biggest queues, and spent the first few hours on their stalls, signing away and engaging with people.  I noticed Tracey taking a lot of time to chat, and people clutching the ceramics they bought off her as if – heaven forbid – they really, really wanted them, just to treat themselves. No ebay involved.



Let’s not fail to notice what the kids are doing – they’re nagging their parents to buy paintings they like, or having a go at printing, or watching the little girl who has her own stall and is selling her own paintings. And the things that aren’t free to do or watch are ridiculously cheap. Oh, I can hear that cynical voice right there as I type this, that drizzle of superiority that crushes, that doesn’t get it. Well, in the sea with you. It’s not perfect, but the quality is there, the spirit is there, and it’s up to you whether you engage and enjoy and appreciate it. We love it. It’s your loss, mate.

The trouble with and the best thing about The Seaside is that you have to experience it to love it.  (Marina Organ)

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ORGAN THING: Penny Rimbaud collaborates with Marc Caroll, something new from Undergrunnen…

Things, two things, musical things, things, things… The painter next door is painting oranges today, well maybe not, round orange things at least, atoms? Does he ever stop shaking those cans? We’re off to seaside…

Something new from the always stimulating Undergrunnen


Meanwhile Yer man from Crass, Penny Rimbaud, has been up to things…

Following 2013’s critically acclaimed ‘Stone Beads And Silver’ and the 2014 release of re-mastered and expanded editions of his first four albums, One Little Indian will release Marc Carroll’s 7th studio album, ‘Love Is All or Love Is Not At All’ on 6th November.  The record was produced by Marc Carroll and Graham Sutton (Bark Psychosis, These New Puritans) and brings together ten unwavering songs that reflect the triumph of love over destruction and adversity.   The title track of Carroll’s new album is “a collaboration with poet, author, philosopher and legendary musician Penny Rimbaud, celebrated for his work with the seminal and continually influential band, Crass”





More sometime soon….

ORGAN THING: Mad C, Jimmy C, Sarah S and hey Al, what about those forgotten women of pop art?

Jimmy C

Jimmy C

Tuesday things? Woken by the rhythmical shaking of paint cans again, that aromatic early morning call of Belton drowing out the increasing number of seagulls, green parrots and the cackling police cars of Hackney.  Some of us prefer Montana’s distinctive perfume with our first morning coffee, Jimmy chooses to almost exclusively shake Belton for his early morning starts. His short sharp bursts of pointalist spray paint, hard at work for his solo show at East London’s Lollipop gallery next month, there’s one or two interesting experiments going on out front of Jimmy C’s East London studio right now. Jimmy C‘s solo show opens on September 9th.  .

Rosalyn Drexler, The Defenders, 1963

Rosalyn Drexler, The Defenders, 1963

Pop art cop-out? So back in 2014 Alistair Sooke, he of the BBC Culture show (and art critic for the Daily Telegraph) made a rather decent documentary about the forgotten women of pop art. Excellent documentary actually, artists like Pauline Boty, Marisol, Rosalyn Drexler, Idelle Weber, Letty Lou Eisenhauer and Jann Haworth, so where were they in last night’s much trumpeted new BBC 4 pop art documentary presented by the very same Mr Sooke? Kind of missed the chance to correct things a little there Alistair, a bit more than a 30 second after thought towards the end really was needed surely? I expect the BBC will roll out the 2014 documentary again during this Pop Art week they’re making so much noise about, surely  Mansol or Drexler deserved a little bit of attention next to the obnoxious Allen Jones tables and chairs? History has wronged these artists, surely history needs to be corrected and surely last night was the opportunity to give some artists who were right there taking an important part in those early group shows and doing some of the pioneering a little more prominence?


Following her first successful solo show at Pure Evil Gallery in 2011 graphic street artist
Mad C will return to London with a body of new work this Autumn.  Mad C’s new solo show „Character“ will open on 1st of October 2015 at 6pm at the Pure Evil Gallery Department Store, East London.

A better view of three pieces from Sarah Sparkles Never Afraid series, as featured on these pages a couple of days ago and that English Magic show, that link will take you to the review of the very impressive show, click on those images there to enlarge…

More tomorrow… maybe?


ORGAN THING: Germany’s Sea Moya do things…

Monday things for a glorious English summer day, rain is not stopping play, not here! Here, have some easy electronica from German three-piece Sea Moya… Here and now, they talk of Electronic-Afro-Kraut-Beat, that seems reasonable enough. Do things, rain never stopped anything, flood? What flood?  It got so damn dark in Hackney mid morning that the street lights came on, this will not do! Do things!  “We are a new psychedelic beat outfit, emerging from in between the shipping containers of a German Harbour”.

The debut EP from Sea Moya is called ‘Twins’. The EP is released worldwide on Friday 2nd October on Heist or Hit. The band have some dates with Vessels coming up…



sea_moya_art sea_moya_vessels.

More when the rain stops…. maybe…

ORGAN THING: English Magic, four painters, a glorious show and a far from dismal land…

English Magic...

English Magic…

Almost a relief to see a new art space opening in East London, especially one as promising as this basement space just by Broadway and a stones-throw from the now pretty much obliterated Vyner Street.  English Magic in the first show in Fred Mann’s New Art Project space just over the road from the Regent’s canal, Sheep Lane, Hackney, deepest E8, back streets of London.

“Fred Mann is delighted to announce the first exhibitions at his new gallery, New Art Projects.  English Magic will be made up of four solo shows by painters James E Crowther, Fergus Hare, Sarah Sparkes and Geraldine Swayne” .

Yes, it could be viewed as four solo shows in four rooms but the whole beautifully hung thing works so well as one whole, it works in terms of feel, of colour, mood, a beautifully put together show in the very bright and freshly painted basement.  “The exhibitions will explore the fine line between the real and the sublime in contemporary British Painting, looking in particular at what happens when the English landscape is distilled through the eyes of artists. A magical realm is created”.

James E Crowther

James E Crowther

James E Crowther takes the attention first, his regiment of figures greeting you as you enter.  James has carved a very powerful series of small wooden figures, each hand painted and apparently with “their own individual story”. There’s very little written information to go with the show, I guess the stories are left to our imagination, they certainly trigger possibilities, who are they?   The intriguing figures demand instant attention as you walk down the stairs, standing there, terracotta army regimentation, far too many to count, each on an individual plinth, each of them very real, very familiar, standing there in almost formal lines  “These figures are his Pinocchios, life is breathed into them and as they multiplied in his studio they began to create a visual noise”. Described as “a sideshow that grew into a celebration. It is a celebration not just of our shabby imperfection, our humanity but also of our shadow-side and weaknesses”. Hard not to feel a delight when you first encounter the figures, and yes there is a burlesque undercurrent throughout, slightly faded thirties seaside postcards, who are they? Brilliant, the tales they can’t help but tell, they look so intriguing there in their imperfect lines, almost powerful (almost) they certainly do celebrate our imperfections in an almost perfect way, to say they are a delight isn’t quite right but they are, an imperfectly delightful body of work.

James E Crowther

James E Crowther

Fergus Hare‘s oil paintings (of the Sussex landscape) are glorious, English magic indeed, “Rather than paint from the landscape on his doorstep, these works stem from the imagination. With a firm nod to the fantastical valley of vision of Samuel Palmer and the mysticism of William Blake” – and without any information save for the paintings themselves yes they do instantly bring Sussex and Palmer to mind, “Hare re-imagines the landscape as a dream-scape, on the edge of twilight”, a perfect place that surely can’t be real? Oh but it is, and brought to life in a very white Hackney basement, magical indeed, beautiful. Alongside Hare’s paintings, there’s also a cluster of charcoal drawings of the moon and planets. A solar system of the imagination, although the relatively small landscape paintings really do take all the attention in his room, they really are something special, something magical, English painting celebrated, English light, atmosphere, twilight, that place between the Downs and the sea, everything about these paintings is right.

Fergus Hare

Fergus Hare

And on it goes, ‘Never Afraid’ is an impressive body of work that artist Sarah Sparkes has apparently been creating over the past decade, a body that does indeed invoke –

“an attempt to both invoke and exorcise the memories embedded within her childhood locations”. The title “Never Afraid” refers to the small village of Aldworth in the Berkshire Downs and a legend passed down to her by her mother’s family about the four magical Aldworth Giants: John Long, John Strong, John Never Afraid and John Ever Afraid.  “The ‘Never Afraid’ works are an investigation of these stories, symbols and fragmentary facts that she has used to try to communicate with an idea of the past. She observes “Never Afraid is a challenge made on a threshold before crossing into a symbolic, supernormal space”  Ten pieces of work, ‘Never Afraid’ is a magical incantation to both summon and defend against forces outside of our understanding.” Each of the ten works painted with acrylic and mixed media on wall paper from one of her childhood family homes”. The pieces do speak of English suburbia, country towns, grander times, an almost mythical time of Southern Railways guidebooks, of melancholic 1930’s Shell illustrations temping is to explore, of ‘proper’ road signs, of a time and place that surely didn’t really exist? And that challenge? The symbolism of it all? Well that seems delightfully personal yet richly inviting, the warmth of home, a safe place, never afraid, this is a fine fine show and these are ten fine pieces, invoking indeed……

Sarah Sparkes

Sarah Sparkes

Geraldine Swayne plays with a slightly different England, her intimate postcard size paintings that take in pornography, landscapes, portraits of friends and musical collaborators. “She describes a creative and complex world that bridges artistic and musical creativity. As a member of the celebrated band Faust,  Her small enamel paintings are intimate, slightly voyeuristic, painted on small metal panels, enamel paint, framed in white . “Her fascination with life and the personal landscapes she encounters comes from the margins of society, her works describes the edge”, they’re subtle, they are intimate, portraits, a look through the cracks, always positive though,  feels like she’s celebrating people…

This is a strong show, a delightful show, a brilliant show, one of the best of the summer, four rooms, four very fine artists, an exhibition that works as one (brilliantly hung), four strong English painters, four exciting painters, magical, a far from dismal land, sometimes art can just lift things….  (SW)

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ORGAN THING: Autobahn, down the brutalist motorway from Leeds, Colder things from France….

What a circus, what a circus indeed, indeed it is a circus, rats, rats and mice and  “We’re all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn’t. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing.” Eaten up by nothing other than the circus rats and Charles Bukowski and brutalist bands from the North (and seductive bands from France) and who knows what this offering from the ever good Deathbomb label…. .


AUTOBAHN – Old Blue Last, August 21st, 2015 – Autobahn have come down the motorway from Leeds for a Friday night in East London and the opening night of a tour promoting their debut album. The Old Blue Last is busy, the crowd is responding rather well to the rather barbed band, not sure about that name, we’ll brush over that, hard not to feed off the edgy energy of Autobahn as the singer with the big hair looms over us in a slightly menacing slightly smiling kind of way. Their post-punk hearts are clearly there safety pinned on to their their sleeves, they clearly come from Northern 1979, early joy Division, the Calvert dominated edgy Hawklord times, a killing joke of a sound, early days Sisters, the five of them a cranking out a locked-on sound, cranking through their gear changes and forward moving thrust. There aren’t many dimensions to Autobahn, once they lock on to that post-punk drive they don’t let go and really you don’t want them to, another dimension would be a dimension too many

AUTOBAHN, Old Blue Last, August 2015

AUTOBAHN, Old Blue Last, August 2015

They sound exactly like a band from Leeds called Autobahn should sound, they may not have too many moves that we haven’t head before but this is not mere aping of old heroes, Autobahn are plugged directly in to those industrial towers of the North, those Factory fingerprints, that sonic defiance born of gloom, of brutalism, Autobahn are a band plugged right in to it, all driving minor key menace, barbed edginess, fractured drum stabs, inviting desolation, glorious baselines, indeed, Dismaland?  The real spirit of the age? Powerful, right here and now,  brutal, barbed and perfectly named, down the motorway from the north and well worth your time….


Colder has announced his first album in nearly ten years, ‘Many Colours’ (out 6th November so we’re told) – it follows the release of two tracks, ‘Turn  Your Back’ and ‘Midnight Fever’, earlier this year. – “Colder has just completed his third, very long-awaited album, Many Colours, and it’s abundantly clear from the opening strains of the title track that the lengthy absence since 2002 debut, Again, and 2005 successor, Heat, hasn’t diminished Marc Nygen Tan’s keen sense of mood and melody. In fact, as the remainder of Many Colour’s 10 mesmerising tracks attest, if anything the nine-year respite has given Tan a renewed sense of purpose and direction that reveals itself with a subtle beauty that resonates and endures….” that’s what the press release says, what can we add? Well here’s a taste and their album is out in November on Bataille Records and


More tomorrow… maybe….


ORGAN THING: Dismaland? New Battles, Shilton? Banksy? Jeffrey Archer book burning, One Alex Stepney…

dismal_logoLast test match of the season, toss won, where, who, what, where, Battles? Gordon Banksy? Dismaland? Bemusement Park? M-I-C, K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E, Gordon Banksy back in goal? who cares?  The artist line-up looks good, it looks Mutoid? K.L.F? Was Shilton a better artist? The Leicester scene? Gaye Bykers on what? Crazyheads indeed  Dismaland? Dismal Land? Make your mind up (Turner was an underrated keeper, we’re talking our buckets and spades to Margate). One Alex Stepney, London artist, Cockney Red, goalkeepers, we know the score, Eusebio, nah….

Dismal Land – a festival of art, amusements and entry-level anarchism –  Are you looking for an alternative to the sugar-coated tedium of the average family day out? Or just somewhere a lot cheaper? Then this is the place for you. Bring the whole family to come and enjoy the latest addition to our chronic leisure surplus…Open everyday from 22nd August – 27th September 2015. 11am – 11pm. Admission £3, free for the under 5’s. Capacity is limited, visit the ticket page and book a time slot for guaranteed entry…. Dismaland is situated on the seafront in legendary Weston-super-Mare and is easily accessible by train, bus and road”. Don’t ask us we were still looking for the Mint 400 or the ruins of the great painting dream, a little more than a cheap print of a girl with a balloon if you know what I mean?You have to love Gordon Banksy, fine goal keeper, very nice man.

“Jeffrey Archer Memorial Fire Pit Warm yourself around an authentic real open fire ceremonially lit each day by burning one of the famed local perjurer’s novels”.


Dismaland- the site..

Dismaland- the site..

The studio version of a new Battles piece called ‘The Yabba’ is now available to stream and download, thr track is taken from the forthcoming album ‘La Di Da Di’.


planMore later, or tomorrow, or…. all bound for Ju Ju land….

ORGAN THING: Down to Margate for the August bank holiday, seaside treats with the Art Car Boot Fair…

Art Car Boot, Brick Lane, 2015

Art Car Boot, Brick Lane, 2015

Off to Margate then, as an artist, I love taking part in the Art Car Boot Fair….

The full list of artists has now been announced for the Margate leg of 2015 Art Car Boot Fair extravaganza. Only two events this year after visits to the Folkestone Triennial and the Liverpool Biennial (alongside the regular East London event at Brick Lane) last year.  I love being involved in the Art Boot Fair, this is my fifth year as an artist invited to take part in the sometime frantic, sometimes infuriating, often wonderful always rewarding summer affair, the annual Brick Lane event is always a highlight of the busy London art calendar, it really is something different, I love taking part. The Art Car Boot fair is contemporary art letting her are down for a day (is art a she?Maybe not?), the Art Car Boot Fair is fun.


The London leg is always a full-on beast of a thing, the early morning queues, the frantic trying to get everything there, the music, the people (the dogs) the engaging, the performance, the paint, the creativity. The London leg is what the art car boot fair is really about, the legacy of Joshua Compston’s Fate Worse That Death and the original notions of artists doing it ourselves, an annual coming together, a buzz. . Oh yes, London is exciting to be part of once you’re over the stress of setting up and then the chaos of people knocking you over in their mad rush for buy whatever Tracey or Sir Peter have for them (without even actually seeing what they have to sell), once the mad rush of the first half hour has been has been and gone and the eBay flippers have grabbed their pieces and disappeared to get their limited edition Ben Eine print up on-line before the others can post up theirs, get it on-line and double the price paid ten minutes ago. Once the madness of the first hour is over then the Brick Lane Art Car boot Fair is a brilliant thing to be part of – a relaxed chance to engage with people, to chat about art, to meet, to explore, an informal day and art reaching out..  The out-of-town events are a little different, a little more laid back, I mean, as an artist, Brick Lane is exciting, it is a genuine buzz, lots of healthy interaction, conversation (and yes, sales, the sales are always welcome, as was the giant chocolate and Guinness cake that some brought along and gave to us this year).  People do love themselves in Hoxton and Shoreditch though don’t they? There is that element who are more interested in being seen and being loud than they are in actually checking out the art or the artists, we do love Brick Lane though, we can filter out the poseurs (and some of the people watching can be “interesting”,  we love doing it, we love taking our art to Brick Lane, a real privilege to be part of it. .

Art Car Boot Fair, Brick Lane 2015

Bob and Roberta Smith, Art Car Boot Fair, Brick Lane 2015

It is refreshing to travel with the Art Car Boot Fair to Folkestone or Liverpool (or the open of the Olympic Park a couple of years ago or the Apple Cart festival in the pouring rain the year before that) though, it is great ot get out of town as a large group of artists, brilliant being part of the Art Car Boor Fair, especially when we travel to new places and meet new people, experience new flavours, interact with the art scenes in places like the inspiring Folkestone creative quarter. Folkestone was brilliant last year, Art Car Boot Fair set up on the harbour sea front, taking time to explore the closed down railway station, the art all over town, the gold rush on the beach, the flow of creativity up the hill in the old town area (really liked that gold rush on the beach, some might have sneered at it but the feeling down there was one of people having fun, families engaging, people coming along and getting involved, people just having great fun together, laughter and joking everywhere, did they find all the gold in the end? Folkestone was brilliant last year, Liverpool was as well, therer’s a healthy creative undercurrent in Liverpool, we tapped in to it for a day, and we want some more please). Really something good about being able to engage outside of the gallery environment, the Art Car Boot Fair is a most enjoyable experience, contemporary art doesn’t engage as much as it should, engaging is good….    (SW)

Art Car Boot Fair 2015

Art Car Boot Fair 2015

This year we follow Brick Lane by heading off to Margate for the last Sunday of August, including us Cultivate artists, we’re looking forward to it,  here’s the official Art Car Boot Fair press release….

Rendezvous with us and over 100 artists and performers at Rendezvous Margate outside Turner Contemporary, under the Turner-esque skies of Thanet, in between the Dover Straits and David Chipperfield’s facade, flanked by the RNLI lifeboat station and the Harbour Arm of Margate’s fair seafront.

We’ve got (literally) shed loads of art, airstreams full of it, crates stacked high, beach hut art substations and, of course, car boots popping with originals, editions and startling curiosities. In between and amongst it all will be parades of knitted-swimsuit clad people, exhausted drag queens, men sporting loin cloths and powering strange Methods of Alternative Transport, the Clowns of Jestminster, Tracey Emin calling a charity raffle, Dreamboys and Dreamgirls and to celebrate our Year of the Dog there’ll be hot dogs, black dogs, cool hounds, four legged art and an actual dog show, partly taking place in a vintage Vauxhall Viva car boot.

The 6th One Hundred Piece Piece.... (sw)

The 6th One Hundred Piece Piece…. (sw)

We’re also bringing Richard Strange’s Cabaret Futura featuring bands of Holy Joy and cool, punkish delights from Ray Gun plus the excitingly nautically named Orlando Seale and the Swells…whole cabaret line-up to be announced next week…..

Follow us on instagram to see what’s going to be on offer so you can plan your art buying in advance! This is the day that artists do business directly with their public at unbelievable prices, come and haggle with them, chat to them, make your own mongrel copies of their art with The Copy Shop and get them to sign it! It’s all possible at the one and only ART CAR BOOT FAIR – bought to you by Ashton Hayward in association with Turner Contemporary and courtesy of our vintage (12 years and counting) sponsor Vauxhall Motors and for the first time with the added support of the  Arts Council of England

As well as the Art Car Boot Fair, Margate’s August Bank Holiday line-up is simply staggering – amongst it all don’t miss Sink the Pink on Saturday night, a chance to catch ‘Provincial Punk’  Grayson Perry at Turner Contemporary all weekend, Margate Tribes and Kent Pride,  plus the pure joy to be had by jumping on (and off) the rides at Dreamland There’s something for everyone and so much more besides….

aaa_culticarboot_margateThe Art Car Boot Fair/Margate Full Line Up:

Tracey Emin & Emin International  · Gavin Turk · Vic Reeves and Michael Hogben · Rachel Howard · True Rocks· Holly Allan· Jessica Albarn · Lizzy Rose & Kate Hare · Crate including Charley Vine and Leigh Clarke · Limbo including Paul Hazelton, David Price, Tessa Farmer, Steve McPherson, Tasha Marks (AVM Curiosities), Sarah Wicks, Sarah Craske and Katie Welsford · Resort including Dan Chilcott , Charlie Evarist Boyce, Crowther/Plant, Jo Elbourne and Jason Pay, Kate Harrison, Steve Ibb, Nick Morley,  Heidi Plant, Julia Riddiough, Sara Wicks, Rachel Wilberforce, Leise Wilson and Angeli Yara · Bon Volk Studios · Tinsel Edwards and Twinkle Troughton · Nicole Mollet and the Kent Cultural Baton · Tom Thumb Theatre and Jessica Jordan-Wrench · BeDRAGgled from Amy Redmond / SINK The PINK · Sir Peter Blake  (TBC) · Soul Fast Food · Kristjana S Williams · Moniker Projects · Turps Painters · Bumble and Earwig · Alice Herrick & Keelertornero · Hantverk & Found with C.A.Halpin, Angela Frederico, Tom Swift, Jason Pay, Sam Zine · Alteria Art · Binnie Sisters · Wilma Johnston · Silvia Ziranek · Dolores De Sade · Marty Thornton · Art on a Postcard with Rankin, Robert James Clarke, Ray Richardson, Dougie Wallace, Hayden Kays, Cosmo Sarsen, Margo Bowman and Benjamin Murphy for the Hepatitis C Trust  · David J Batchelor · Frances Richardson · Jake Clarke · Kate Knight · Joseph Gibson · The Juncture ·Andrew Cunningham · Cultivate feat. Sean Worrall, Emma Harvey, Quiet British Accent and Julia Maddison · Dylans Mobile Book Store · Francis Thornburn· Swifty ·Lucy Soni · Jealous Gallery · Club Shepway · Paul Sakoilsky · Mark Jones · X-ray Fog, Ian Dawson and The Copy Shop

Richard Strange’s Cabaret Futura presents the Daylight Cabaret/ Margate Edition! Including: Johnny Brown and the Holy Joy Scrap and Salvage Movement, Kria, RayGun, Otis Coulter and Orlando Seale and the Swell plus special guests, lots.


The Margate part of the Art Car Boot Fair happens on Sunday August 30th between Midday and 4pm outside the Turner Contemporary.

Click on an image to enlarge or run the slide show of recent Art Car Boot Fairs and a whole load of leafhearts and such….

ORGAN THING: Shatner’s Bassoon, or was it the tribute band Shansa Barsnaan?

shatners_bassonThings, bassoons, but no monsoons. Monday’s Thing is a taste of things to come from the album from the Leeds-based absurdists new Shatner’s Bassoon. An album that’s about to be released any moment now via Wasp Millionaire Records. Here’s a video from that the label claim is of the UK’s Number one Shatner’s Bassoon Tribute act SHANSA BARSNAAN playing live at The New Roscoe , Leeds performing a wasp speed arrangement of the Shatner’s classic ‘Breakfast with Boghead’….

Things have been way too busy for things around here this month, very few of the busy things involving bassoons. These Bassoons from Leeds haven’t really grabbed anyone around here until now, they did today, use your own eyes and ears, no time for words from us today….



Click below for your Free download of the studio version of ‘Boghead (WaspSpeed)’ and to pre-order, should you wish, the new Shatner’s Bassoon album ‘The Self-Titled Album Shansa Barsnaan’

The free track…

the full album


And while we’re here…

ORGAN THING: A taste of Holy Joy, Daveed Diggs and 43 years ago in a field in Reading…

giant_diggsAre we really sure? Today’s thing is a musical box of things, a box with a musical thing on the bottom of it (once the Mellotron has been tunedup again). A box full of musical things (and hogweed seeds) that have landed from the land of the bands of wholesome joy…

Deathbomb Arc, the label that brought the world some of the first releases from acts such as Death Grips, clipping., Black Pus, Foot Village, and Julia Holter, has dropped two new cassettes today: Daveed Diggs ‘Small Things To A Giant’ and They Hate Change ‘Cycles’.

Daveed Diggs is the frontman of Sub Pop signed experimental rap group clipping. He is also one of the stars of the current Broadway musical hit ‘Hamilton’. His solo cassette is a loving homage to his home, the California Bay Area. Combining Daveed’s blisteringly quick and intellectual flow with ecstatic and joyful beats, this is a far cry from the dark territory of clipping.


The Band Of Holy Joy have let loose a first taste of their forthcoming album The Land of Holy Joy, here it comes now

‘Dweller on the Threshold’ installation in collaboration with Kevin Quigley as part of Avant Primitivism at St Mark’s Church in Dalston..

it was 43 years ago this very week that a band really came together back in 1972at the Reading festival….


43 - Sean Worrall / Gavin Turk, Liverpool

43 – Sean Worrall / Gavin Turk, Liverpool

More tomorrow…. maybe