ORGAN THING: There goes the neighbourhood then, Pop up, f**k Off tomorrow, that and Joy Division, Teletubbies, Vyner Street and…

There goes the neighbourhood then, took a detour past the old Cultivate space last night, the boards have gone up and the gallery walls have started coming down this week. Nothing lasts forever, especially when there’s property developers wanting to tear the heart out of things in order to make themselves a soulless pound or two. It was good while it lasted, we just about got away with cultivating down Vnyer Street for a year or two, hopefully the few galleries and spaces left down the once beautiful street can ride out the storm and survive in some kind of way. We mostly had a great time running Cultivate down on that corner in Vyner Street​. Treasure those art spaces while you still have them, fight for them, our culture, our art space, our music venues, our homes are being torn apart.

R.I.P Cultivate, Vyner Street

R.I.P Cultivate, Vyner Street

Tomorrow, Saturday, we shall be over at Broadway Studios to take part in a one day show called  POP up F**K off – Saturday 28th March, 3pm until late, art until 9pm, bands and DJs until later….

Broadway Studios, Tooting Broadway, London, SW17….

19 rooms and a courtyard…. a beautiful old complex of buildings that in recent years has been used as art studios and, like most of the creative space of London, the studios are about to be pulled down, destroyed and replaced by more gentrification and another block of expensive flats for Russian investors who never come here to rent back to those of us who can afford to let them exploit those who do want ot live in this city of ours, .

popup_foffThe Broadway studios show starts at 3pm, there’s artists traveling from all over the city to show work, to perform and to say goodbye to yet another creative the space. Apparently it all comes down next week, the art is up from 3pm until 9pm, then there’s bands and such. Come mark the end of another creative space….  A sad occasion but there should be a lot of art and an event to see the studios off in style..

Several parts of the ongoing #‎365ArtDrops piece went out last night around East London, 65 out there now, just 300 to go. Did anyone take last night’s pieces? We saw, from the top deck of the 48 bus, that one of the pieces left out last weekend was still hanging on the railings where we left it. The drops go on today in the East and tomorrow over in SW19 where that all day show takes place at Broadway Studios. I am enjoying the interaction that comes with leaving the parts of the 365 pieced piece of work out on the streets, the interaction is an important part of it. So what did happen to the pieces left out last night? Anything? We’d love to know….

ORGAN THING: Exploring the glow of Dragica Carlin’s new solo show at Lollipop Gallery

Dragica Carlin

Dragica Carlin

Thursday night, East London, tonight’s destination, via Brick Lane and the ongoing #365ArtDrops piece, is Commercial Street and the promise of the paintings waiting to be explored at the opening of Dragica Carlin‘s solo exhibition, ‘A Myriad of Marks’ at Lollipop Gallery. Lollipop is a relatively new East London space spread over two floors, nice big window on to the street, nice big open space, raw wooden floors, great space to really explore and experience a painting or two and a gallery so far that has presented an exciting mix of art shows

Urban spaces and ephemera  provide an important creative impetus to Carlin´s work. The light of an autumn afternoon reflected in a broken window pane, or the swirling coils of a barbed wire fence, or the traces of an overflow pipe like pigment on a wall, all are snapshot by her mind and filtered through her alchemical imagination and the poetics of her ceaseless gesture making to convey their essence

 Dragica Carlin opening at  Lollipop

Dragica Carlin opening at Lollipop

Dragica Carlin is a London based painter, originally from Zagreb, Croatia, over here exploring the emotion of paint since the early 90’s, she’s currently sharing her art with us via this new month-long solo show. ‘A Myriad of Marks’ is a rather beautiful show, a refined  collection of paintings alive with a graceful tranquility, a subtle capturing of movement and moment,  a delicate intensity right there in that very controlled movement of her brush.transient flow…

“Abstraction, whether Carlin conveys it through photography or in painting, is the only language she feels is appropriate to convey what she sees”

Large paintings, bold movement, beauty unveiled, poetic flow, of course this is work that needs to be seen in the flesh, textures that needs to be seen first hand, colours you need to experience for yourself, to stand in front of, this is not a show to experience via the blink of a shutter and an electronic webpage, this is paint, this is paint and brush, a precise brush, a careful flow, the beauty of the process itself, a precise beauty, a beauty lit from behind, metallic ribbon, the emotion you sometimes see in thunderclouds, in decaying walls, a gallery full of paintings – painting, imagine that, how refreshing, beautiful paintings allowed to breathe in a well curated space, a show you need to go see for yourself……..  (SW)

‘A Myriad of Marks’ runs until 26th April at Lollipop Gallery, 58 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LT.  The #365ArtDrops go on until December 31st.  .  

A collection of photos from last night’s Dragica Carlin opening, the latest #365AerDrops, and the streets of East London, click on an image to enlarge or run the slide show..

ORGAN THING: The Pop Group in L.A., Dragica Carlin opening at Lollipop, East London, tonight. What are Blind Eye Factory doing….

What can we report this glorious Thursday morning? Well we can report that we’re not in Thursday morning or Kansas or anywhere else or anymore, we can report we’re having a day infested endless so called punk pop bands wit their slightly straining throaty vocals and their regulation insert melodic thoughtful bit here, all sounding pretty much the same, any of them could be from anywhere and made by anyone, that and an inbox cluttered up with the same old same old post rock bands who don’t seem to possess the courage to go somewhere even slightly different and no, I don’t want to upgrade, stop calling me when I’m busy listening to generic not very so called punk bands who are about as punk rock as cottage cheese with bits of pineapple in. Wednesday morning was cluttered up with waste of time bands. What are Blind Eye Factory doing? Who are they anyway?


Here’s The pop Group playing live in L.a Llast week, “‘Shadow Child’ from the new album – definitely the weirdest song we’ve ever done & one of the best live, here it is from the recent show in LA.”

Kind of forgotten how good VILE IMBECILES were, are the Brighton band still out there?


Interesting looking opening at Lollipop Gallery tonight, Dragica Carlin‘s solo exhibition, ‘A Myriad of Marks. You find Lollipop at 58 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LT. There’s some words from Lollipop underneath the image. The show runs until late April…



Urban spaces and ephemera  provide an important creative impetus to Carlin´s work. The light of an autumn afternoon reflected in a broken window pane, or the swirling coils of a barbed wire fence, or the traces of an overflow pipe like pigment on a wall, all are snapshot by her mind and filtered through her alchemical imagination and the poetics of her ceaseless gesture making to convey their essence. She wonders at the serendipity of man-marks. She then takes these very personal mementoes and recollects them in a Wordsworthian tranquility. The emotional response to oftentimes random juxtapositions in these found compositions is paramount to the process of her art production, indeed it drives the very movement and intensity of her brush.

In her work she seeks to understand how things around her exist and why they exist in the way that they do. These thoughts very often drive her imagination to search for the perfect visual language to convey it. In examining the relationship between the metaphysical world and the phenomenal, her work is fundamentally the affirmation of the transcendental possibilities of the transient. It rejoices in the beauty of impermanence. It does not mourn that we can never step in the same Heraclitean stream twice but rather revels in it. Every brush stroke, every mark on canvas is a moment to rejoice in because it will never be made in the same way again. She challenges herself every day to search for new combinations of meanings and create new relationships. This fills her with hope because her art is the art of possibility. 

Abstraction, whether Carlin conveys it through photography or in painting, is the only language she feels is appropriate to convey what she sees and what she feels when she sees. She divines the abstract in everything around her: colour, form, poetry, where others would see only noise. She discovers beauty and then through her process unveils it, bears witness to it. Her work is the apotheosis of the mundane. This show attempts to showcase not just the powerful results of this process, in terms of her awe-inspiring canvases, but also the very beauty of the process itself.

ORGAN THING: AK/DK hit the Old Blue Last tonight….

Welcome back my friends to the page that never end, so glad you could attend, come inside come inside…. in a rush today, here’s a think, got to fly….


Tonight LONDON GIGS  recommends AK/DK @ The Old Blue Last Grt Eastern St, Shoreditch. Entry is free, things get underway around 8pm….  ‘Who are AK/DK? Two humans : two drumkits and a lot of electronics is what they are…’AK/DK create improvised layers of fuzzed-up synths, delays and arpeggios, and thunderous double drums. Their live shows move between the thrashy dance of Death From Above 1979 through progressive/motorik rhythms of Neu, to beautiful melodic sections that sound like they could have been beamed direct from the 1960s sound lab of Raymond Scott.’



ORGAN THINGS: New Opera Hero join in the f’off next Saturday, and here’s some Netsuke, and some Scalper, and some Pinkshinyultrablast and some…

A bag load of things we thought worth a mention this fine Monday, things that have passed through in the last couple of rather fractured days.   And it does feel a little fractured around here right now, went to a couple of art show openings last Thursday, nothing worth that much of a mention here, really can’t just fill up these electronic pages just for the sake of it



Let’s have a dig about in the in box and see what’s arrived, some new Blur? Just having a listen to a bit of new Blur, nah, just talking types and leave it in the last century with the apples and pears, another bit? Nah again, leaving us as underwhelmed as we were with that new show in the back room at Space Gallery last Thursday.  Tiny houses? Here and there? No no no, this will not do Blur.  Here’s the new single from Russian 90’sists, a band rather plugged in to a time when Blur were a little more worthy of your time than they are now. Modern life is indeed rubbish, always was, here’s a new slice of fluffiness and pink dry-ice Slowdiving Cocteau-clouds from Pinkshinyultrablast.  “Ravestar Supreme” is released on 7″ single via the Club AC30 label on 30th March 2015, the song is taken from the Russian band’s debut album “Everything Else Matters”, also out via Club AC30 (in collaboration with Shelflife and Vinyl Junkie.


‘Heliotrope’ is the upcoming single from Netsuke, set for release on April 13th via Illustrated Records. Formed from the ashes of respective award-winning bands in their homeland, the Sydney born and London based trio take inspiration from a myriad of artists from Bjork to Animal Collective, creating atmospheric pop with intricate electronic textures and ethereal soundscapes. After solid stints in their former bands and supporting the likes of Gold Panda and Junip, Danny Keig and siblings Freya and Elias Berkhout came together last year, honing their innovative sound before heading to London with a fully-realised body of work.  2015 will see the release of three singles across the year leading to their debut album release in 2016. The band celebrate the launch of ‘Heliotrope’ with a debut headline show in the capital at Power Lunches on April 13th


Netsuke didn’t mention Yes in the press release so far be it for us to do so, instead we’ll bring up New Opera Hero, you can catch them next Saturday evening, March 28th, over at that Broadway Studios Pop Up, F**k Off show we told you about a couple of days back. “”Post electro-rock and driving electronica inside the head of a giant baby…” somewhere around 9pm. The show itself, an art show spread over some 20 rooms, starts around 3pm, art and artists from all over London


Looking like something rather special is going to go down over in London SW17 next Saturday night, Broadway Studios going out in style…..



This is the new Scalper ‘Lunatics’ EP out and available to buy on Monday March 23rd 2015 via and on  This rather mellow slice of refined hip-hop from Scalper comes wrapped in artwork from Lilith Boniwell (aged 6), I wonder how she draws a dog?





And before we leave…. some gardening…. from the Silent corner…..and 1974….



ORGAN: Death Grips Jenny Death album leaked, so they put the whole thing up….

“The album leaked so we’re streaming it on YouTube. The release date is still March 31, 2015″  So they say…..  far be for us to suggest anything about anyone from the band or the label leaking it, ask no questions, fire it up, it goes, it goes, it goes…. .



Pre-Order Links:
Amazon Mp3:
Amazon CD:
Harvest Records (Vinyl, MP3, CD):

Organ: Jake and Dinos curate ATP’s Nightmare Before Christmas, Tracey still hasn’t made her bed…

The 90's

The 90’s

Things, beds, beds in the Tate, holiday camp beds, Jake and Dinos creating more hell….

ATP have announced the return of their holiday camp event. ATP 2.0 NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS will be curated by ATP and original Nightmare Before Christmas curators JAKE AND DINOS CHAPMAN. Expect appearances MAX RICHTER, THE NOTWIST, THE ALBUM LEAF AND HOLLY HERNDON LEAD FIRST WAVE OF ACTS CONFIRMED FOR NOVEMBER FESTIVAL AT NEW SITE IN PRESTATYN NORTH WALES Nov 27 – 29 2015. Limited Early Bird tickets on sale from Friday 20th March, 12pm

“At the end of 2013, ATP bid farewell to their signature UK holiday-camp events. Through following the continued reaction of long-standing fans to this news, and seeing their feelings even further confirmed in a recent ATP Survey which was completed by thousands – it is with excitement that a return to UK holiday camps this November can now be announced. The perfect location has been found too – Prestatyn Pontins in North Wales. The site benefits from being far more respectful, location-wise, to a nationwide customer base, while still being within easy reach of international airports for non-UK attendees.

JAKE AND DINOS head ot North Wales

JAKE AND DINOS head ot North Wales

The new site benefits from a venue complex with two large-capacity stages, both boasting multiple-tiered seated areas to assist with visibility, as well as a huge selection of on-site activities available open to all attendees. These include an indoor swimming pool, football pitch, basketball & tennis courts, crazy golf course, go-kart track, air hockey, and a large arcade games area. More events and activities will be announced over the coming months, along with details of family accommodation deals, to be set in separate, quieter locations. Of course, the beautiful sandy beachfront is also only a few hundred metres walk away too”.


Curation this year comes from the acclaimed, Turner Prize nominated, visual artists The Chapman Brothers, who return to ATP ten years on from their first stint. Jake Chapman said; “We are so honoured to have been asked to curate ATP again this November in Prestatyn. Ten years ago we curated the first Nightmare Before Xmas and lost so many brain cells that it’s taken a decade to replace them. It is extremely special for us be involved again.”

JAKE AND DINOS, their version of the ATP nightmare?

JAKE AND DINOS, their version of the ATP nightmare?


One of contemporary art’s most famous and controversial works will return to the same London gallery where it first gained notoriety. The installation, which Emin has described as a self-portrait, drew huge crowds when it went on display at Tate Britain for the 1999 Turner Prize show and was bought by Charles Saatchi in 2000.


‘My Bed’ was made in Emin’s Waterloo council flat in 1998. An unconventional and uncompromising self-portrait through objects, it features the artist’s own bed covered in stained sheets, discarded condoms, blood-stained underwear and empty bottles of alcohol. The piece gives a snapshot of Emin’s life after a traumatic relationship breakdown.
‘My Bed’ will be displayed alongside six of the artist’s recent figure drawings, as well as two oil paintings by Francis Bacon selected by Emin. Her installation, as Bacon’s paintings do, retains a strong sense of the lived presence and memory traces of past events. The work was bought at auction last year for £2.5 million by German collector Count Christian Duerckheim, who has generously lent it to Tate for at least ten years.

‘I always admired the honesty of Tracey, but I bought ‘My Bed’ because it is a metaphor for life, where troubles begin and logics die.’

“Count Duerckheim has done a very generous thing. I have always felt ‘My Bed’ belongs at Tate. And now it will be. I cherish the moment to install it there. I could not be happier.” – Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin’s ‘My Bed’ 1998 will be shown at Tate Britain from March 31st.



More of this kind of thing tomorrow…. Maybe

ORGAN THINGS: All She Wants is a new piece of feature length narrative fiction, Prostitutes, Art Drops, Pez, what the Pop Group did yesterday…

What else might we see in the budget then? kings in their counting houses counting out their loses, mighty parade and hunting witches for the burning, that was yesterday though, today is a whole different day, did they buy you? yesterday’s art drop happened on a busy road in East London, up against a wall that pez once painted

yesterday in NewYork


PUNKCAST2891-01 The Pop Group, performing live at Bowery Ballroom NYC on March 17th 2015.

#365ArtDrops Part 58, East London

#365ArtDrops Part 58, East London

ALL SHE WANTS 2 is a new piece of feature length narrative fiction, a fifty-seven minute film that premiered back earlier this year on February 21st in New York City. A film directed, written, edited and scored by Laura Hyde Crapo. A woman’s perspective on art, relationships and enlightenment. Comedic elements and dreamlike. Laura Crapo was a crew of one as well as lead actress in the movie. “The movie is populated by members of the Canadian and international art and music scenes”.

Laura Crepo

Laura Hyde Crapo

Synopsis   All She Wants 2 is the sequel to 2001, All She Wants.  Ruby has moved to Montreal from Toronto where she left behind best friend and Yorkville shopping companion Jade. She also left behind her failed attempts at romantic conquest and in the art world. In Montreal, Ruby has a string of romances with younger men and men her age whom she treats as disposable in her quest to be the sex goddess she imagines herself to be. No one understands her power and vision of herself. She tries to break into the art world as a major player, but she wants it the easy way. Counsel from artists push her to go further than she has before, to where she no longer knows what she wants. Ruby flashes back to an awkward conversation with Jade in which they trade pleasantries, ending in a vicious tirade; pleasantries about their creative goals and achievements. Ruby’s competitive nature drives her to try and out-do Jade on every front resulting in further disillusionment. Glimpses of her personal power in dreams and visions start building a logic within her. Jade’s daughter does a miracle faith healing on Ruby and she’s finally able to sense peace, forgiveness and love. A stable and loving relationship is now possible for Ruby.


The movie was made intermittently over 5 years and stars her son’s hockey coach, her masseur, a real estate agent, a high school friend she hadn’t seen in 25 years, an Australian who gave her subway directions on New Year’s Eve in NYC who agreed to an impromtu filming, her artist and musician friends and her children. They were all volunteer actors.  Fiona Highet and Laura’s eldest daughter, Sasha Tymoshenko, and Andrew Scott (Sloan) star with Laura in both movies. Sasha was 2 in the first movie and ranging from 12-15 in the second.

The film includes  FIONA HIGHET actress, screenwriter, ROB SQUIRE (musician aka SIXTOO), KRIS KNIGHT (designer for GUCCI 2014), ALDEN PENNER (musician UNICORNS, CLUES, HIDDEN WORDS), ADAM BROWN (musician), DAVID ARMSTRONG SIX (artist), ANDREW SCOTT (SLOAN drummer), JANOS BARACS (consulting engineer for several Expo 67 buildings), HENRY CRAPO (mathematician, plane geometry), CHARLIE NEUFELD (musician), ALEX CHOW (ISLANDS), SEBASTIAN CHOW (ISLANDS, ALDEN PENNER), ARIANNE FOKS (performance artist, France), GIM GWANG CHEOL (performance artist, Korea), ILIANA ANTONOVA (artist, curator SILVER FLAG)


The Soundtrack to “ALL SHE WANTS 2″ was written, produced and performed by Laura. Guest vocals on “WILL YOU MARRY ME” by AL TUCK (the voice of Milkman Cat in the Spike Jonze-produced animated short, Higglety-Pigglety Pop!) Laura has self-released many full length albums and concept albums on her label SNOB SHOP since 1989 including “Laura” 2008, (named album of the year by Malcolm Fraser in Eye Magazine 2008) “I love you”, duets 2009, Funderful songs by Laura Borealis, 2001 (3 stars by the Globe and Mail), LE LOOK Je T’aime 2010 (an album in french). The soundtrack includes songs from three of Laura’s albums and is available as a Soundtrack album on its own.


R.I.P Andy Fraser 


“Free bassist Andy Fraser has died at the age of 62, it’s been confirmed. He passed away on Monday morning. His cause of death has not been confirmed, but he’d been dealing with AIDS and cancer in recent years. An official statement says: “Andrew McLan Fraser passed away on Monday at his home in California. He leaves behind his daughters Hannah and Jasmine Fraser, and their mother Ri, his sister Gail, brothers Gavin and Alex, and many friends and associates in the industry. “A survivor of both cancer and AIDS, Andy was a strong social activist and defender of individual human rights.” Fraser was born in London in 1952 and was a founding member of Free at the age of just 15. As well as his work with Free, he had success with John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers and Sharks. In the 1980s he was diagnosed with HIV and a form of cancer called Kaposi’s Sarcoma and he battled with suicidal thoughts which, he wrote on his website, were only alleviated when he came out as gay. Fraser had recently been a leading light in the Rock Against Trafficking charity. President Gary Miller said: “My dear friend did so much for the organisation, and for me personally. “He was my little big brother and one of the greatest bass players and songwriters of all time.” (Classic Rock)


ORGAN THING: The Lamb Pops Up on Broadway, a one day show before the walls come down on yet another art space….

Matthew Rose

Matthew Rose

First off, what d’yamean, first off!? Don’t come around here with your first offs! We don’t do First offs,flip off with your first offs or your first downs and stuff your Venice and your vernissage, Birmingham has better canals and far less bulpoop, bring on the City of Colours. We imagine Shaky Jake next door will probably be there, we imagine things will be dropped, or carefully placed,nothing is ever dropped. More of the city of Colour on another day. First off the property developers have struck yet again, the war on everything goes on, time for another London art space to close, time for us all to piss off once more, London needs more flats for Russian investors to buy and rent back to us at prices none of us can afford, tear down the communities, rip down the venues, the art spaces, the much loved pubs that have stood for centuries, pull down the meeting places, the creative places, throw out the locals, throw out the people that bring the creativity and the colour to the dead spaces, throw out the heart, the soul, send them to Coventry. London is not for the likes of us anymore. Vote Lisa and no lambs lying down without a last stand, bring on the imperial aerosol can, the carpet crawlers and the end of another art studio, this time it ends with a bit of style.

popup_foffPop Up Fuck Off is a delightfully named art show happening over at Broadway Studios 28 Tooting High Street, London SW17 ORG the show apparently runs for one day only on March 28th, and then, flips off. “The exhibition opens at 3pm and will run quite late with musical performances and other art works taking us into the evening“.

Artists from all over London are gathering to end the life of Broadway Studio in style. A whole load of London based artists brought together by Samuel Brzeski and India Roper-Evans….

Broadway Studios is dying, and in it’s wake will be piles upon piles of luxury flats. We are inviting you to Pop up before we all Fuck off. Art, music and performance throughout the afternoon and evening”

Artists include: Elod Beregszaszi, Richard Leppard, Matthew Rose, India Roper-Evans  Flora Deborah, Sophia Simensky Mita Solanky, Samuel Brzeski, Cecily Bates, Rodrigo Souto Eden Lazaness, Helena Mae Brzeski, Miriam Gould, Mary Jones, Amelia Prett, Thomas Wells, Millie Easton, Tom Estes, Cheryl Simmons, Sarah Peace, Sarah Miah, Be Inma Berrocal, Carmen Viñuela, Ele de Luis, Simone Strifele, Sean Worrall, Kathryn Madge, Soundboxed Collective, Daniel P Cunningham, Jamie Misselbrook, Elaine Johnson Lauren Cooper Hayley Don Hill, Xiaoqiao Li, Minami Wrigley, Bob Brown, Luke Sebastian Wilde, Robert Marney Arts, Rob Jones, Phillip Hawkey, Nalini Thapen, Sisters From Another Mister, Milda Lembertaite, Emma Barford, Graham Martin, Andrew Stys, Timothy Holt, Aerial Sparks, Julia Maddison, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Alejandro Tamagno, Sedicente Feccia, Minesweeper Collective, Desdemona Varon, Gzillion Artist, Vanya Balogh, Susana Sanroman, Silvia Cruz Del Alamo, Vanja Karas, Yumi Yoshinaga,  Sinéid Codd, Russell Hill, Caroline Derveaux-Berté “and many more”…

Here’s a little taste of some of the artists involved, not the work they’ll have there on the day, just a tiny tease of a taste…..


Who knows how it will all evolve on the day? Pop in, find out, flip out, pull it down, everything comes to an end in the end….

On with the #365ArtDrops, who needs galleries, on with doing it all ourselves wherever we can, kick over the statues….


You got to keep on keepin on….. all about a two way thing…..




Power Trips, Death Grips, more on The Powers That B, that and Deadly Orgone Radiation, Weasel Walter, Alex Ward and James Sedwards…

deadly_orgone_coverSome musical things for the day, all about the links that take you to them,we’re not here for longass reviews and words and all those things we needed to do while dancing around the architecture back in the day, feed your mouse, feed your ears, feed the Weasel, buy music or people can’t make music (or any kind of art for that matter, it can’t all be free on the streets or free to download, drum sticks and paint brushes don’t come free, go ask the powers that buzz like a bee)

The Powers That B, The much much much anticipated album from Death Grips now comes out March 31st so we’re told by the powers that be. The Power That B is the coming together, as a double album package made up of the last album Niggas on The Moon and a new set of recordings called Jenny Death. Eighteen tracks in all. Here’s another taste….


THE PRE-ORDER LINKS ARE NOW LIVE:  iTunes:, Google:, Amazon Mp3:, Amazon CD:, Harvest Records (Vinyl, MP3, CD):  They’ve given us so much for free we can’t begrudge them the links here today. I’ve got the powers that b running through me. They say this is the end of Death Grips, but what’s that last track on the album called? Like we said the other day, no band ever ends…  Death Grip 2.0? We’re reading that as more than a hint of more to come…

jenny-death-640The track list m Niggas On The Moon 1. Up My Sleeves, 2. Billy Not Really, 3. Black Quarterback, 4. Say Hey Kid, 5. Have a Sad Cum BB, 6. Fuck Me Out, 7. Voila, 8. Big Dipper   Jenny Death 1. I Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States, 2. Inanimate Sensation, 3. Turned Off, 4. Why A Bitch Gotta Lie, 5. PSS PSS, 6. The Powers That B, 7. Beyond Alive, 8. Centuries of Damn, 9. On GP, 10. Death Grip 2.0

Meanwhile, Power Trips is the name of a new album, due out on April 5th from the enticing trio of JAMES SEDWARDS – guitar, ALEX WARD – guitar and alto sax and WEASEL WALTER – drums. That taster track is it sounding a little Camp Blackfoot around the edges if you ask these ears? That’s no bad thing  These three men have serious history, Dead Days Beyond Nought, somewhewre near the valley of the Flying Luttenbachers. The trio go by the name of  Deadly Orgone Radiation, there’s only one track on line right now, one hell of a taster though, the whole album comes out in April, order details and more can be found via the link you just passed or that Bandcamp bit right there


And here’s a previous taste, or two for what it be worth, got to go, the powers that be are calling….