ORGAN: A Couple of art shaped things opening this week; Endoftheline at Londonewcastle, After Show Party at Scream…

#43 (SW)

#43 (SW)

Where were we? White wine? Nah, never touch the stuff unless I have to. Rambling reviews? Well you don’t really need music reviews these days do you? Does anyone ever read music reviews (besides the bands)? All you need these days is a link from a website you can actually trust (you do trust our taste don’t you?) and a soundcloud or a bandcamp or, and yes indeed, Telethon do indeed have an Argent record or two.  Back in the last century we would write page after page describing music, back them you most found out about music by reading about it, back then reviews were vital. We’ll have some more music later, we might have some words about an art show we’ve checked out, right now there’s 43 paintings to be painted and a new piece of art for the Resonance FM fundraiser and…      so no time for reviews no time for music, 43 things to paint, we’ll get in to 32 Knots and White Wine in a bit, White Wine are a band by the way, we’re not about start writing about wine, well besides April Wine… Some parish notices, that’s what today is about, that and getting paint all over this keyboard….

Did Ben Eine just say “David Cameron is pretty cool”? on the radio just now? That was a tediously boring interview just then, how can anyone be so unexcited about their own art or any art? Ben says don’t be an artist, you can’t make money out of it….

Two things coming up…. thing one, End Of The Line

Let us re-arrange and paraphrase their slightly jumbles words, this is what they said – “We’ve been painting and producing events since 2005,  the east end was a very different place back then.Neverended represents a little snapshot of what makes us tick. The artists we’ve supported, looked up to and worked with along the way. It’s an organic show made from the pieces that have followed and joined us on our journey. There will be a wide variety of styles & genres and all of the pieces have a story behind them. Bring us whiskey and you may even get to hear a few. We hope you’ll find time to visit us…. Hang on, here’s the proper press release lurking in our spam box….


EndoftheLine presents Neverended: A 10 Year Retrospective – 

“EndoftheLine Productions is proud to present Neverended, a retrospective exhibition showcasing a curated collection of over 200 pieces by internationally acclaimed graffiti and street artists from the Rockwell House private collection. For two weeks in February, EndoftheLine will take over the entire LondoNewcastle Project Space on Redchurch Street in the heart of Shoreditch providing a snapshot of the last ten years of East London’s graffiti, street art and hip hop community.

endoftheline.artCurated by EndoftheLine, London’s link between mainstream and the underground, this momentous show represents a decade of Artwork from some of London and the World’s most important and influential urban artists including; Will Barras, Mr Jago, Bom.k, Sowat, Faile, Tizer, Xenz, Sheone, Dan Chase, Ed Hicks, Rabodiga, 45RPM, Candy Lo, Imaone, Suiko, Zoer, Does LoveLetters, Odisy, Dr Zadok, Dotmasters, Steff Plaetz and Jim Vision.

Neverended invites visitors to immerse themselves in a world of graffiti, street art, music and film with a series of pop up events held in the exhibition space; including live art, life drawing classes, music showcases by the 5th Element Agency & Lyrix Organix, pop up feasts and live talks. Jim Vision, Creative Director of EndoftheLine and one of London’s internationally acclaimed graffiti artists said Neverended; A Retrospective is a culmination of ten years riding on the wave of gentrification, constantly seeking out new places, spaces and walls to challenge accepted norms of traditional art making.

“This retrospective takes the pulse of East London’s urban art scene in 2016,” Jim said. “This is our personal collection which reveals the transformation of the streets of Shoreditch and the tensions between urban development and artistic freedom, and represents what will be lost when everything is glass towers.”

A small pop-up shop will also be running for the duration of the show featuring limited edition prints by many of the featured artists, collectibles and a selection of customized street furniture”.

Neverended opening days and hours. The show runs Thursday 11 Feb til Sunday 28 February 2016, open Tuesday – Sunday 11 – 8pm.( (opening Night Wed Feb 10th: 6.30 – 9.00pm).The  Londonewcastle space is on Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, East London.  Web: / Facebook event page

Aftershow_flyerTwo things coming up…. thing two, After Show Party

“The beginning of the year is always a great opportunity to start a fresh page and discover what’s new. In this spirit, we would like to invite you to join us for our upcoming group exhibition AFTER SHOW PARTY.  The private view will be held on the 11th of February and is open to all!

AFTER SHOW is a transition from our Winter Exhibition, kicking off our new exhibition season in 2016. You can come and view works of our long-terms collaborators, like Remi Rough, Shuby, Collagism and William Blanchard. We are also really excited to showcase for the first time new additions to the Scream family Cassandra Yap, Jimmy C, Joe Cruz, Malarky, Mark Petty & Schoony.  Join us on Thursday 11th February from 6pm for a first view of the new works, plus some New Year fizz and cheer with the Scream Team, friends and artists. Space will be limited so please RSVP.  Winter Exhibition Private View at Scream London Gallery Thursday, 11th of February, 6 – 8 PM  27 – 28 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DH

Meanwhile…. almost day 43, things to paint…….




ORGAN: So what is it about this rather infectious Telethon song that just landed here…



So what is it about this rather infectious Telethon song that just landed here in the Organ in-box? Is it that the first the first ten seconds of it sounds like the Argent/Clout/Rainbow pop rock classic Since You’ve Been Gone or is it that the damn thing is just so infectiously catchy? Is it me or do they sound like a slightly geeky North American college pop-rock version of Thin Lizzy?. Give it a moment, wait for those Scott Gorham/Brian Robertson guitars kick in, whatever it is, this is damn good pop music.

Hang on, stop the bus and the marching men coming down from the glen, you might say you Don’t Believe a Word, but I really hadn’t read the press release before I mention the Liz, I really honestly hadn’t, but then Thin Lizzy were the first band I obsessively collected, I can spot a Lizzy influence a mile off, have I ever shown you my giant Johnny The Fox tattoo? Don’t be getting all Jimmy the Weed on me now. Lizzy were the greatest pop rock band ever back there and these guys from Wisconsin quite clearly know it. Actually they don’t sound a bit like Thin Lizzy, of course they don’t, and don’t believe me if I tell you, especially if I tell you not a word of this is true, unless your ear is acutely tuned in to these things and they’ve been listening ot some crazy DJ out there in the bay, Telethon sound like a geeky north American alternative pop band, and a damn fine one at that, whoooh, listen to that bit there on Milwaukee Distance Blues, Lizzy or what!?  Here’s the new track, some sunny pop rock, I’ve played it 43 times already today…I like this band, they’ve got a sound of their own, they’ve got a lot of ingredients in there and really the ingredients really should not make for such a sweet sounding cake, it does though (I bet these guys have an Argent record or two next to their American indie pop collection)


Hang on another moment, let me wake up from this quick sleep in a Honda Civic (somewhere outside the city limits) and see what else Telethon have got. I once got kicked out of school for constantly wearing a Thin Lizzy t-shirt, school uniform was blue, so was the shirt, where was the problem?  I was a villain for a while back there, well no, not really, but I do like these guys and their lyrics, they were villains back there.  They don’t have much up on line right now, this debut album Witness takes some tracking down, it sounds like a band making their first moves, it came out in February 2015, the production isn’t that great, there’s something in there with the flatness though, we need more of the forthcoming second album that this new track is off though, this new track is great big leap forward and I painted a wall last night, well they did, I didn’t, I’ve been painting on canvas and bits of wood all day..I’m reluctant to even post this first Telethon album here, this new song is miles ahead of that first album… (sw)


So here’s where you can go to get your hands on a slice of forthcoming vinyl and that new single from the soon to be released second album


Phil was a red…. have some Lizzy…


Hang on, here’s that Telethon press release, I never read these things until I’ve listen to the music….

“Telethon premiere new single. File under: Modern Baseball meets Thin Lizzy with Hammond organs”

Sometimes the best results are born in the heat of the moment, and Telethon’s latest full-length effort ‘Citrosis’, rehearsed once the night before they took it to the studio, is proof. Formed in the winter of 2014 in Wisconsin, the power-pop meets punk-rock quintet have created a diverse record, which calls on Modern Baseball’s emotion and honesty, Thin Lizzy’s melodic guitar harmonies and Weezer’s playfulness.

Recorded in just over five days in September 2015 by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Punch, Funeral Diner, Big Kids, Joyce Manor, Laura Stevenson and more), ‘Citrosis’ is an adrenaline-fuelled relentless 32 minutes of near-gapless playback, blending an enticing mix of emotive lyrics, garage-rock-infused riffs and classic rock harmonies over the course of 12 tracks. ‘Citrosis’ is a loose narrative of the low-stakes anxiety that prods us throughout our waking lives, touching on topics usually only discovered post ‘coming of age’ along with the realisation that things are only as hard as you make them for yourself.

The lead track ‘Mineral King’ is a sun-kissed road-trip of angular rock n roll riffs and sugar coated piano and organ lines, infusing laid back yet self-realising lyrics that comment on everyday social constructs with contrasting moments of uplift. Tracks such as ‘Fallout’ and ‘A Funny Thing Happened To Me Today’ juxtapose incredibly honest lyrics and seemingly tongue-in-cheek sarcasm with upbeat instrumentation: 70’s era Hammond organ sections, punk-rock bass sections and conversely surf-rock driven guitars take the narrative out of its comfort zone and urges it to have fun. Telethon’s influences are greatly varied across the record, to the point that tracing the origin of the band’s overall sound is futile. What is clear is that this is the sound of a group of long-term friends writing honest songs about modern living and irreverently having a good time doing it.

On writing the new material Kevin Tully (Vocals/Guitar) said “These songs are the products of very caffeinated, isolated, stream-of-consciousness writing sessions. I recorded them as rough demos on my phone, then sent them out to the rest of the guys to fester and morph into what you hear on the record. Jack Shirley became the final puzzle piece by hearing out all of our scatterbrained big ideas and turning each of them into something grounded and tangible.”

‘Citrosis’ is an album that touches upon post-millennial topics explored with instrumentation from not only across the last three decades but over a huge range of styles and sub-genres. Despite being recorded with haste, the building blocks couldn’t have been more thoughtfully devised. This album, much like life, is a fast one-way play-through, tackling a whole range of emotions. If you want our advice, the best way to experience this is to turn it up as loud as it will go, embrace it and enjoy it.

Telethon are: Kevin Tully – Vocals/Guitar, Jack Sibilski – Guitar/Backing Vocals, Alex Meylink – Bass/Backing Vocals, Nate Johnson – Organ/Piano/Synth and Erik Atwell – Drums/Percussion.  The new album ‘Citrosis’ due out 1st April 2016





Shall we acknowledge that modern Baseball reference the press release made?


Our of here, 43 paintings to paint… more later, maybe



ORGAN THING: Jimmy C and how an artist became the almost accidental centre of the world’s attention…

London-based artist Jimmy C didn’t anticipate the winter he was going to have when he headed off home for an Australian Christmas, he didn’t give too much thought to the David Bowie piece he painted on a wall in Brixton back in 2013. Jimmy painted the piece back when the V&A Bowie exhibition was opening, that and a Many Faces of Bowie exhibition focusing on the Thin White Duke that opened at Opera Gallery around the same time, a show that featured a piece by Jimmy C alongside artists such as Paul Alexis, Joe Black, C215, Lita Cabellut, Nick Gentry, Eduardo Guelfenbein, David Mach.  So Jimmy painted his piece in Brixton, people loved it, Bowie was from Brixton of course, word is Bowie liked it, people would take photos, you’d see the image pop up on line from time to time, posted on social media by Bowie fans, street art art fans, the piece was loved, but Jimmy C wasn’t giving the painting much thought as he headed back home for some Christmas sunshine.

The Jimmy C Bowie painting in Brixton

The Jimmy C Bowie painting in Brixton

Fast forward to January 2016 and the sudden announcement, without warning or hint, of the sad passing of David Bowie, the overnight news took everyone by surprise as radios, TVs and social media outlets were turned on with the first coffee of the day. London woke up to the shock news that David Bowie had died. And as the morning evolved and the news spread the Brixton mural became a a place of focus, a place for people to pay respect. People started to leave flowers, and by default, under the saddest of circumstances an artist became the almost accidental centre of the world’s attention.  Throughout the day the flowers and tributes built up at the foot of the painting, images started appearing on-line and via the print media, film crews, news teams, all over the globe…  Jimmy was out-of-town, he started getting a hint of what was happening in London, his painting was suddenly  all over the front pages of national news papers in London, New York, Sydney. News teams tracked him down, he made the Australian TV news, the front page of The London Times, that night there were thousands of people around the painting, next day the painting was seemingly on every front page on every news stand…


We spoke to Jimmy about prints of his work last year, just out of curiosity, why did he not do prints? it kind of seemed obvious for him to be making them?  Street art is big business these days. Jimmy told us he wasn’t a fan of prints, he saw his work, both his canvas pieces and the pieces he paints on the street as one-off pieces, prints weren’t something that excited him. He’s sold paintings all over the world, the demand for prints was obviously there, he’d only ever done one print and he really wasn’t that thrilled with it, Jimmy C is about one off pieces of work. The Bowie thing has almost forced his hand though. One of the unfortunate results of the focus on the piece of art has been the resulting substandard unofficial pirated prints, t-shirts, mugs and more, people blatantly ripping his art off, cashing in and cashing in with some pretty shoddy knock offs, the poor quality was bothering him (as was the copyright issue).. An annoying situation that has now “motivated” Jimmy C to react with a high quality official print of his own, along with a donation of a percentage of the proceeds going to cancer charities (Bowie death was a result of cancer). 

I’ve spoke to Jimmy quite a bit about his Bowie piece since he returned, he’s almost shell-shocked, “I have always respected Bowie as an artist and his ability to constantly push the creative boundaries. I am honoured that my work has been used as a form of tribute to his memory. It is hoped that this print will help celebrate Bowie’s legacy as well as raise money for cancer research charity.” said Jimmy.
JIMMY C, on the street, London 2015

JIMMY C, on the street, London 2015

Jimmy C is a man who just loves to paint, he loves that his paintings make enough money for him to survive as a painter, you sense he didn’t really want all this attention and that he’s secretly hoping it will pipe down soon, you suspect he was glad he wasn’t here in London at the time. I saw him head off on his bike with a bag of paints a few minutes ago, off to quietly paint a wall somewhere. Rather pleased it was jimmy’s painting that played a part in celebrating David Bowie. And if there is to be a print then let it be Jimmy who does it himself rather than some substandard cash in, good on Jimmy  C.  (sw)
The artwork is a high-quality limited edition giclee fine art print (63 x 60cm) and can be purchased from 10th Feb via the Jimmy C website
Meanwhile here’s a recent wall piece Jimmy painted in Adelaide….
Jimmy C, Rundle Street, Adelaide (2016)

Jimmy C, Rundle Street, Adelaide (2016)

. ..


ORGAN: Dropped by the rather impressive Shape Open 2016 show yesterday…

Dropped by the rather impressive Shape group show yesterday, “MY Life – Shape Open 2016” at the rather frustratingly hardly-ever-open art space that is Guest Projects, a criminally underused gallery just of Broadway Market and down by the Regents Canal on Andrews Road, over in Hackney, East London. A beautiful space funded by the Arts Council and seemingly locked up and unfriendly metal shutters down far more than it is actually open. Nothing more frustrating than an underused art space that could be alive with so much more, and this is a great space when it is actually open.


Really not a fan of art prizes either, surely art is isn’t a competition? Do think group shows and open calls are vital things though, life-blood actually (well when they’re put together in the right spirit that is, far too many open call shows cynically thrown together just to make a quick bit of cash out of an artist or two). The Shape Open is a show that comes together in the right spirit, and this feature is in danger of turning in to another rage against the art machine when really the point today is to inform about this rather fine show (and organisation). The selected art that makes up My Life is on view for you to explore until mid February, it really is worth making the time to go.

Shape - My Life (Feb 2016)

Shape – My Life (Feb 2016)

The Shape Open is an annual call-out for disabled and non-disabled artists to submit work in response to a disability focused theme. It provides an opportunity for disabled and non-disabled artists to meet and merge, clash, combine and generally exchange views and ideas about areas which are often sidelined within artistic debate. 

It also provides an opportunity for emerging and mid-career artists to raise their profile by being part of an exhibition whose profile is increasing yearly: our show at the Nunnery Gallery at Bow Arts in 2012 was one of the busiest shows that year.   

Artists feature in the 2016 show are Tony Allen, Ally Bain, Regina Lafay Bellamy, Sally Booth, Andrew Brenton, E Crowe, Alice Dass, Angela Edmonds, Joshua Fox, Rachel Gadsden, Liliana Gallagher, Sara Ellen Glanfield, Jack Haslam, Piotr Jastak, Carl Jaycock and Zareen Rustom, JunkSoupArt, Fae Kilburn, Violetta Liszka, Peter Mansell, Aaron McPeake, Brigitte Mierau, Graham Miller, Kate Murdoch, Stephen Muszynski, Clare Newton, Susanne Dagmar Olsen, Justin Piccirilli, J Price, Paula de Santis Smith, Maxwell Rushton, Patricia Uter, Joanne Weaver, Anne White  , Dave Wood, Jason Wilsher-Mills, Fiona Wright, Emiko Yamaguchi and Sonja Zelic.

Shape - My Life (Feb 2016)

Shape – My Life (Feb 2016)

Using an exciting range of mediums such as blood, machinery and modified everyday objects to express their ideas, the artists drew on memory, nostalgia and processes of internal reflection to explore the complexity of this years’ theme.

Shape - My Life (Feb 2016)

Shape – My Life (Feb 2016)

The responses are serious-minded, satirical, and often ambiguous, requiring the viewer to consider the different aspects of disability and to challenge the way disability is perceived.

The final artworks were carefully selected for the exhibition by a panel of judges including Yinka Shonibare MBE, Carly Jayne – Shape Open Prize Winner 2014, and from Shape Arts, Tony Heaton OBE and Ben Fredericks (video/audio only).

What we have here is an intimate show in an inviting space, a well selected show, a diverse show, some very personal work, of course this is very personal work and of course most art is very personal, but this is particularly so, this is a show that reveals, that offers what you would suspect are some rather unique perspectives, this is a very honest show, a show that passionately explores lives, a show that explores My Life.  A show that explores individual lies within the context of an ever changing society, this is a positive show, a show alive with beauty, with thought, with frustration. Lives expressed via art, lives enhanced by art, life communicated in texture, colour, in graphic shape, in delicate detail, there’s some strong powerful art in here.. we need to explore some more before it closes… (SW)

And Shape does have a proud history, they’re an organisation to be applauded, to be celebrated, they’re forty years old this year.

My Life – Shape Open 2016“, is open Thursday until Sunday, 12-5pm (or by appointment) at Guest Projects, 1 Andrews Road, London E8 4QL   The Guest Projects space, hosted by Shape Open Patron Yinka Shonibare MBE.  Talk: Yinka Shonibare on Becoming an Artist – Wednesday 10 February 2016 – 7pm

Click in an image to enlarge or run the slide show…



ORGAN THING: Stop press hot heads, new Death Grips….

So anyhow, some new Death Grips for you to chew on, they just posted it…….

although the download link they posted with the track seems to be struggling under the strain right now, that or they’re messing with heads again  –…

Death Grips...

Death Grips…

Have some Biblical Violence while we’re here….






ORGAN THING: Saved from the stuff in the in-box by Vincent Vocoder Voice


Everyday they flood in, e.mails from music PR companies, “you’ll love this one”, or “this one is perfect for Organ”, they never are, they all get listened to, been clicking on links all morning, what is it with all this stuff? Stuff us what it is . Victorian Whore Dogs? How are you going to explain that name when you grow up?


And this one, the press release for this new album tell us “the upcoming album continues to resonate from US-based progressive shoegazers” what they mean is another generic bunch of we’ve got too many foot-peddles and no idea why those My Bloody Valentine records they desperately try to copy are so good, hey you “progressive shoegazers”, tell the rhythm-less idiot banging on a biscuit tin, hesitate on calling him or her a drummer, tell him or her that drum sound really isn’t helping the mood, “one of Colorado’s most exciting bands” apparently. Hang on here comes Hot Coffin, well at last they have a bit of attitude and if they’re going to have a car crash at least they’re having one worth watching “Triple Eye Industries is pleased to announce that they will release the Self-titled album of Milwaukee Noise/Sludge/Punk/Rock band Hot Coffin” reads the e.mail press release…


Oh dear, “Triple Eye Industries is a boutique record label, located in Milwaukee, WI, focusing on extreme, heavy noise rock and is a platform to release records for our and our friends’ bands”, Boutique record label! What the flip kind of talk is that!? Boutique?!&%$**** We can hear them grooming their damn beards from here, if I was in Hot Coffin I’d be around there with a baseball bat to re-arrange the way they’re thinking, “a boutique record label” for flip sake! Need to go lie down in a darkened room and listen to the Ruts for a moment


How now brown cow? On we go, trawling through the in-box mountain, “Hey, how are you today? Rising Halifax trio The Orielles are back with a new EP, Jobin, released 25th March via Art Is Hard, and live dates. Listen to the lead track below…” No! Next…. “Hey, New York-based producer/songwriter Penguin Prison (aka Chris Glover) has released Cesare’s remix of ‘Show Me The Way’ – the latest single co-written with…” No!!

Steve keene

Steve Keene

Endless emails from endless pr people with endless “stuff” that sounds like all the other “stuff” and the NME apparently love it and Clash magazine are going to premier it and why isn’t any of it anywhere near any good?  “Hey Sean, Happy Tuesday! I have Montreal’s BUFFALO THEORY MTL, a stoner / thrash infused metal band for beer lovers blah blah blah…..” Argghhhhhhh  and “Hi! My name is A******* ******* and on february 29th, 2016 I will release a progressive rock concept album called “The Gardener”, a project that innovates with cuatro & ukulele as new tools for alternative sounds”, Well whoopyfluggingdo, good for you, here, have some more Ruts, have some dope for guns…….. “The Gardener” apparently contains a track called “The Crush: Eyes of Fire” – a track apparently awarded the Best Alternative Rock song award by “The Akademia Music Awards” on May, 2015″, Well whooopybleedindooooo again, the Akademia Music Awards! Whatever the flip that is I’d be keeping that one quiet if I were you…. I;d hate it anyone ever gave me something called an Akademia Music Award, where the hell is my sandpaper”!? Jezzzzzzzzz, just looked it up, what the hell is an Akademia Music Award? Looked it up in the interest in journalism you understand, I’d definitely be keeping that one quiet, what a bunch of corporate radio shyster shitehawks Akademia are! Whatever happened to music radio?here, have a John Peel session…. .


.We’re told that “the time is suddenly right for well-crafted British pop – there’s a thirst for new century psychedelia which is where London quintet….” Well maybe so, but hey, the time is not right for a watered down sanitised attitude-free bland-as-flip re-creation of the Stone Roses without even the vaguest hint of the magic… next….

Steve Keene

Steve Keene

“Hi there!” says this next chirpy press release “In case you missed it, here’s the latest record from Baklavaa.  It’s an incredibly intense listen so if you fancy some punishing noise rock, give it a blast! And of course, feel free to pop some questions over for the band. Have a great day now”, Well it satisfied for the first thirty seconds, didn’t really go anywhere much, it didn’t help much in terms of “having a great day now”, it made us want some Jesus Lizard or some Creaming Jesus or jesus! Why do they fill the in-box with all this stuff? Where the hell is my sandpaper?I need some sandpaper! What the flip, My Vitriol posting some ten-year old demos as new music and crowdfunding a new album, surely not? Ain’t all that pass everyone’s sell by date? Next you’ll be telling us the Melody Maker still exists… I guess this Baklavaa lot aren’t that bad and if we hadn’t heard it all done a little bit better already then the claims that “Baklavaa are the forerunners of a new generation of noise-rock. Brought up on the neurotic and eccentric sounds of The Jesus Lizard, Slint and Sonic Youth, it is their turn to create a record that seeks to push these musical boundaries into new territory” might hold a little more than month-old ditch water. No boundary pushing here yet, threatening something next time maybe? Good declaration of intent? Best thing we’ve heard today by a very big country mile, heard most of what they’re doing before, but hey, at last something half decent in the inbox



Oh look, Damon Albarn has remixed something or other and apparently they want us to know it’s “‘Thrillingly malevolent and catchy…” well no, blandly polite and almost offensively so….next….

Steve Kenne

Steve Kenne

The Sherlocks have a new single, well no shit indeed, It might just be time to close the in-box, apparently, according to this e.mail press release The Sherlocks are “‘The UK’s next big rock band’ “, forgotten what the Sherlocks sound like already, blandola, instantly forgettable cardboard music, bland as a bland thing on a bland day, is this is the kind of crap self-confessed Arctic Monkey’s fans make? ““Remember when your bud tried to get you into Arctic Monkeys back in 2005 right before they broke big with Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not and you ignored them? Don’t let that happen again” whooooo, no,whatever you do, don’t let that happen! The Sherlocks? Nah! Don’t be remembering you read about them here…

Have some Vincent Vocoder Voice, this delicious thing came to our attention via a reader rather than the clutter of another annoying e.mail press release, don’t know much about Brighton’s Vincent Vocoder Voice, do rather like them/him/her though, this is gooooooooooood. Here, have a taste of something from 2014, apparently Vincent have just finished a new album…


“Hello, internet. I very much live in a bubble, have atrocious networking skills and know next to nothing about the world of other people’s music. VVV LP2 is almost finished and I’m wondering who on Earth might be interested in releasing such a thing. If you have any record label recommendations, know any management folks etc., please do share your thoughts. Would quite like not to shit this one up the wall, there’s a special kind of insanity to it. Thank You, VVV”

We’re out of here, delete everything….. more on those Steve Keene paintings…. more tomorrow, maybe?

Steve Keene

Steve Keene



ORGAN: Martha Cooper you and your damn book, you ruined my life! Martha Cooper’s Lifework opens at Stolen Space this Thursday…

martha_cooper_coverBack in the days when the only spray paint you could buy was foul-smelling spray paint (in great metallic colours) made for nothing but re-spraying cars, and if you bought more than one colour or can from your local car-parts shop you were treated with more than a reasonable amount of suspicion by the man who wanted to know absolutely everything you were going to do with it. You’d have to answer an interrogation before the jobsworth in Halfords would even let you out of the shop, never mind letting you out with a bag full of paint.  Back when Wild Style was just a rumour and little hints of things were coming our way via the background of a Grandmaster Flash video or those bits between songs on that Malcolm Mclaren album, we might be lucky enough to catch (there was hardly any music on TV), back when notions of graffiti as an art form were only just forming and no one had even considered it might evolve in to something called street art, when tags weren’t called tags and were mostly about football gangs (well they were where I was from, the first I knew of Robbo was a name on walls around football grounds), back in that wasteland of the early 80’s a great big paint bomb of a book landed and a window opened to something really seriously exciting.


We’d heard about the art on the subways of NewYork, seen hints of it, the occasional photo or something in the background of a news report or an episode of Kojak, a magazine article, a Blondie video, that Duck Rock album cover (those bits between the music, the World’s Famous Supreme Team), a skate mag or an underground thrash metal zine, and then suddenly there it was, there all falling into some kind of place, when that great big glossy book bursting with colour and shape, with black outline and a whole car? Really? This really is art on the street! Subway Art, the book of new York Subway graffiti Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant threw at us in 1984 just landed and changed everything, there it was all laid out, exciting, fresh. I can’t recall where I heard about the book, must have read about it somewhere, had mine on order for what seemed like weeks, when it landed in my local north Wales bookshop I knew it was something important, the woman behind the counter looked disapproving as she told me this was a special order and not the sort of thing they’d usually sell, I wrote the date it landed in the inside of the cover, I got paint-covered sticky finger prints all over it, I sat with it for weeks, it was exciting, it was important, it just throw up so many things, i was just out of school and starting off as wet behind the ears art student, the book was scoffed at, it was worlds away, it was off to Halfords for more paint, experimenting with marks and layers and  Martha Cooper you and your damn book, you ruined my life!


And so this week, over in Whitechapel, East London, opening on Thursday evening and then running from 5th Feb until 28th Feb  Stolen Space gallery say they are “proud to present ‘Lifework’ a solo show from the renowned photographer, Martha Cooper”.

martha_cooper_3Martha Cooper is a legendary photographer who has shot around the globe, beginning with USA to Asia. She worked both for papers and magazines like New York Post and National Geographic and independently, making contributions into her personal archive.

Stories and captures that appeared in her lens were different and timely: travels, people and of course art. She has been documenting graffiti and street art for 40 years and her iconic book “Subway Art” influenced on graffiti culture and opened a new world to those whose countries came to urban art much later than in USA.

Martha Cooper is still working with graffiti and street artists, documenting artworks of US and international artists around the world, and continues to make an important contribution to the urban art movement.

Graffiti and street art are ephemeral but pieces and murals can be preserved through photography. Since the late ’70’s, Martha Cooper has documented urban art with a view towards historic preservation. Her work will help make this art form immortal, providing future generations of artists and historians with images of

what has been called the biggest art movement in the history of the world. The gallery will exhibit Martha’s photos in a timeline from the ’70s until today, following her interest in graffiti as it spread from a localised New York City phenomenon into a massive worldwide urban art movement. Included in the exhibition will be also photos of Stolen Space Gallery artists shot by Martha in various locations.


Martha Cooper preserved so much back there, a vital historical record of something very imporatnt, there really would be very little record of without her (and Henry Chalfant), that book still excites me, that cover was such an exciting thing to fold out for the first time, the book is still here of the shelf, a little more battered now, probably time to buy a new copy, a new one wouldn’t be the same though, this battered copy has been kicking around here for over thirty years now, that photo of the New York cops standing in the train carriage was so powerful, those full cars up in the air, were they for real? The shapes, the letter forms, the colours, the textures, the layers, the layers of paint on top of each other, the layers were so exciting!  Martha Cooper enriched my life.  Thanks Martha.   (SW)



Stolen Space is at 17 Osborn Street, London,  E1 6TD


ORGAN: What the Pop Group tolerated next… More from The Classical.. Some beauty from Maria Due…

43_jan2016Were we half way around the corner when the tea started to take effect? Was it that and the road rage, well the social media rage, rage against the price of tea or the algorithm or what ever The Pop Group are agitating against or not tolerating, fraught debates? Who’d have thought a born again Pop Group would matter more than ever, what a state of affairs that they should have to.    ..

Busy painting 43 paintings, 43 pieces of work to be hung at a place yet to be announced, on the 43rd day of the year.

Following on from 2015’s year-long piece that was the #365ArtDrops piece of work, #43 will be a new piece from Sean Worrall consisting of 43 parts and revealed somewhere in London on the 43rd day of 2016″.

Now this looks like it might well be worth being at, really anything involving The Pop Group is worth being at…. The Pop Group say “we’ll be at Rough Trade East (Brick Lane, East London) on Monday 22nd February 7pm for a one-off event with Kodwo Eshun and Mark Fisher.

“The Pop Group’s ‘For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?’ was one of the most challenging records of the post-punk era. The album and its reception reflected the fraught debates about the relationship between music and politics which convulsed post-punk, and which continue to haunt us now.

pop_group_massThis unique event will begin with a playback of ‘For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?’, and the single ‘We Are All Prostitutes’. After the playback, discussion of the album will be led by Kodwo Eshun (the Otolith Group, author of More Brilliant Than The Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction) and Mark Fisher (author of Capitalist Realism and Ghosts Of My Life), who will be joined by Mark Stewart and Gareth Sager of The Pop Group. Was ‘For How Much Longer …’ ever properly heard in 1980, and what can it tell us about our current moment?”

You see, the thing about The Pop Group was and still is that… well no, let’s keep that under our black and white hats with the tea and the road rage and here you are…


Rather like this, Maria Due, know nothing about her other than that she’s from Oslo and this version of a Van Der Graff Generator classic (everything Van Der Graaf ever do is a classic of course) dates from 2014…


And here’s more from The Classical for what it may be worth, The Classical have featured on these pages before of course, they just got in touch to tell us there’s a new video. And so, while we wait by the door, and watch for helpless sea monsters stranded, here’s a new video from the rather beguiling Bay Area thing that is The Classical. Seems “It’s the difference between the radiant inner life and the outer, armed-to-the-teeth one.” or something like that, anyway, here it is, they think you might like it, at least that’s what they said just now……..



The thing that always needs to happen is that bands and such realize that that this all needs to be a two way thing, support works both ways.


We’re out of here, 43 things to paint….  43 days….


ORGAN: Left With Pictures back with their beautiful orchestral pop. Rose tinted pictures of Hackney? Christos Tolera opens at BSMT space…

Monday Monday, the window is slamming shut, close that damn window, never mind the window, places to be today, the 43rd say of the year will soon be upon us, 43 paintings must be painted, 43 works, but first the window and pictures and Left With Pictures and Homecoming Photographs of Hackney by night and the delight of Christos Tolera….

Left With Pictures

Left With Pictures

“For the past five years we’ve been steadily, slowly working on a new album. It’s called Afterlife, it was produced by Richard Formby. It’s released on the 29th April.  The first ‘single’ is called Terra Firma and we’re very proud and excited to finally share it with you! Enjoy” Said Left With Pictures. A rather beautiful return from the “orchestral pop band from London”  We organgrinders had almost forgotten about Left With Pictures  They play The Harrison, London WC1 on Saturday February 6th


BSMT Space, the rather intimately inviting basement space art gallery is about to re-open for 2016 after a number of impressive shows in 2015, shows such as the very well recieved Doing Lines show back in November)

CHRISTOS TOLERA - "Homecoming 18 September 2015" 23.57pm - archival giclee print 20cmx20cm) Edition of 5

CHRISTOS TOLERA – “Homecoming 18 September 2015” 23.57pm – archival giclee print 20cmx20cm)
Edition of 5

Homecoming: Photographs of Hackney by Night is a show by artist Christos Tolera

“I moved away from Dalston over thirty-five years ago. The Hackney I left behind was a very different one to which I returned. I currently live in an area that was pretty much a no-go zone for teenagers who didn’t live there, especially for the more flamboyant like myself. On my homecoming not only did I notice Hackney’s previously neglected architecture, but also a sense of pride in its presentation and on my journeys home throughout last year I started to document my discoveries of unexpected jewels in the night streets. I concentrated mostly on roses, which feature in my work as symbols of life, love and loss. I collected them like I was collecting companions. Over time, as I amassed many images, with encouragement, I decided to share this unexpected journey of recovery for Hackney and for myself.  The image of Hackney by night had been transformed in my mind from an imaginary urban despair to a tangible sense of hope and beauty in the face of adversity. It’s a story not just of Hackney, but also of London, and of coming home.”


Christos Tolera’s show opens at BSMT Space on Thursday February 4th and then runs in the Basement space (just around the corner from the Vortex at 5 Stoke Newington Road) until February 7th

Christos promises a show of rather beautiful photographs this time, but there are some glorious paintings to be explored at other times in other places….

 CHRISTOS TOLERA - 'I Become You', 2015 - oil on canvas  (75cm x 75cm)

CHRISTOS TOLERA – ‘I Become You’, 2015 – oil on canvas (75cm x 75cm)


Needed to go back and remind ourselves about what Left With Pictures were doing back there five years or so ago….

ORGAN: American conceptual artist Dan Graham on why he hates conceptual art… Debs for Mayor of London… And another bag load of feisty punky shouty riot grrl flavoured queercore goodness and such..

Well just a whole load of things that are worth sharing in some way, things that have crossed our path, things like American conceptual artist Dan Graham on why he hates conceptual art

Dan Graham

Dan Graham

For fifty years, Dan Graham has traced the symbiosis between architectural environments and their inhabitants. With a practice that encompasses curating, writing, performance, installation, video, photography and architecture, his analytical bent first came to attention with Homes for America (1966–67), a sequence of photos of suburban development in New Jersey, accompanied by a text charting the economics of land use and the obsolescence of architecture and further reading

Just poking around really, things passing our way that are worth passing your way, “finally Pleased to announce our new album “Silent Earthling” is out April 1st on Superball Music” say Three Trapped Tigers. “Listen to the title track/opener below. limited edition pre-order bundles and new tour dates (on sale 9am Friday) over at the band’s website, you just passed the link back there, here it is again;


And yes! DEBS 4 MAYOR!! – Seems Cecily (or Debs) wants to run for Mayor of London now, “Ok … if there was ever a time I ask for help its now. Just share the booty off this bad boy. We all know I am outspoken right… not sure if its more me, or my alter ego but I speak for equality.  Lets shake things up a bit shall we. Tax evasion? hmm. Housing crisis? really? As a single mum of four I have nothing to lose and everything to gain and a bit of controversy …. well…….”  Do please have a read though, she’s an artist with some serious points in their with all her pegs and her chaos (you might have caught her at our Reveal show recently alongside Megan Pickering and bag load of cross-pollinating artists), Debs has an alter ego, but just Who is Cecily Baker?

Who is Cecily Baker?

Who is Cecily Baker?

Now this is good, don’t ask us who they are, Nachthexen, from Sheffield apparently, all down to someone posting something on their Facebook timeline (thanks Megan Pickering) and pricking curiosity, (and as Webcore always said, curiosity never killed the cat). Will anyone re-blog it? No need for words from us, here’s the music and the attitude that comes with it…


And we see Nachthexen are playing London on March 12th, part of a rather good looking bill , good looking flyer/poster art as well, the gig is happening at the rather intriguing DIY Space for London (96-108 Ormside Street, London, SE15 1TF), here’s the Facebook event page for the Nachthexen gig at DIY space, and down there underneath the show poster are the links and things for those they’re sharing the bill with. Loads of huggy bears and blood sausages and how good it it to stumble on it revolving around again (and again), excellent. .


Personal Best are described as “super sweet powered pop and stomp along choruses”


Milk Crimes –  “catchy as flip queer pop punk melodies from Leeds finest”.


Dirty Girl –  “Snarly punk babes with super infectious hits”.

The Potentials – “Buffy the Vampire Slayer themed queer feminist punx”. .


More details via DIY Space, do note though, “this is a member’s club. Open to members and their guests only. Membership costs £2 and takes 48 hours to take effect. Join and pay at