ORGAN THING: Who are The Night Pattern? And CTM? What’s David Shillinglaw doing?

Connor Brothers

Connor Brothers

ORGAN THING:  Who are The Night Pattern? What’s David Shillinglaw doing? Crowdfunding the police? Who are the Night Pattern?  Why is there a bit of Connor Brothers right there?

What’s David Shillinglaw doing?

“Detail of my new installation: The Keep Smiling Kiosk, at Scream Editions.  The exhibition opens this Wednesday. I’ll be there Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, talking the talk and making tea and pop corn for people. My new zine/newspaper is also available at the gallery for free (donations are welcome and all money goes to help children in Syria) lots of other cool artists featured in this group exhibition”.

The Night Pattern “are ace, and they’re from the Isle Of Man, which, given the music they’re producing, is both baffling and incredibly admirable” so said Stephen. Who’s Stephen? Doesn’t matter, he brought The Night Pattern to our attention, that’s all you need to know about Stephen right now.  And now we shall bring The Night Pattern to your attention (assuming they don’t already have your attention of course), they’re on Amicable

David Shillinglaw

David Shillinglaw

Who are the Night Pattern? Well they’re from the Isle of Man, they’re rather good, we don’t really need to do anything other then give you the link and the bandcloud soundcamp thing, you can go explore, reviews are no longer needed, if we’ve bothered to post it then you know we thinking them worthy of your time, we are very very selective around here, we’re not going to post any old tat, only the best art, music and underculture around these parts….


Amicable is a Bristol UK based label focused on quick-turnaround recordings, capturing one-off performances, and giving a home to musical waifs and strays that deserve more than to be left on hard-drives unheard. These can all be streamed or downloaded for free, however if you enjoy what we do, donations to help fund future sessions are greatly appreciated”.

here’s two electric guitars and Machinedrum recorded and produced February 2015 by John McCartney.


And Friend of a Friend, with “four pieces recorded between 14.37hrs and 17.05hrs on an unexpected day off (Tuesday 7th April, 2015)”


Those three musical things were on Amicable records, CTM has nothing to do with Amicable and “Cézanne” is the first single from CTMs forthcoming mini-album “Suite for a Young Girl”.   CTM is Cæcilie Trier.


Here’s the CTM cut ‘n pasted hype….

About the video Cæcilie says: “The video was recorded in a very old house in the old city center of Copenhagen. A group of girls and their dance teacher from a dance school in Copenhagen made choreographies to several of the songs on the album. We came to their dance studio and was mesmerized by their beautiful moves and the differences between them, everything about them. So we ended up shooting the dances, but also a lot of material of them just hanging out at the set, fooling around with a go pro cam, looking at their phones, waiting between the dance shots. My live pianist Malthe Rostrup and my father came by as well, we recorded them playing respectively piano and classic guitar. It ended up as two cohesive videos, the first one is Cezanne, both shot the same day by Kamilla Bruus and Sara Laub.”

About CTM and the music:  Cézanne is from the forthcoming mini-album Suite for a Young Girl produced and composed by Cæcilie Trier – the createur of CTM and acclaimed Danish singer, cellist and composer. The new music underlines that Cæcilie Trier is among the most interesting and unique voices on the Danish music scene.

“Cézanne” derives from a suite of songs orchestrated and illustrated by classical instruments, midi orchestrations, manipulated voices and real sounds – of dripping water, a ball game etc. Altogether a collage forming a cinematic story with a narrator changing faces, voices and point of views throughout the suite. Musically the suite features many different sounds, styles and references, from the classical impressionism, bulgarian folk choir, soul music etc, it is a collage with Cæcilie as the a narrator leading you through these patchwork textures of musical genres, real life sounds and lyrics nodding at different writers with its mysterious cinematic narration – almost like a theater play made for radio.






ORGAN THING: It was the Dalston Ballet Company at Ritter-Zamet….

Quick shout while we’re here, seems the rather impressive performances in all the red light and the smoke at the Ritter-Zamet Gallery last Saturday were from the Dalston Ballet Company, thanks to the rather intriguing House of O’Dwyer for bringing the details of who it was in there in the smoke, extremely impressive shapes in the dark


Ritter-Zamet gallery

Ritter-Zamet gallery

ORGAN THING: Gina Birch and tales of shoes and boots and wearing brothel creepers in Leicester Square and boots at the Roxy and….


Organ thing:  Gina Birch has some paintings on show in East London right now, managed to miss her opening night (it clashed with events at the Ritter-Zamet gallery over in Whitechapel last Saturday night). She of The Raincoats of course, it all happened in a retro shop on Broadway Market, East London, on Saturday evening. The paintings are still there although it isn’t clear for how long (don’t hang around if you want to see them). And they are worth seeing, bold painting, painting of people, tales of shoes and boots and wearing brothel creepers in Leicester square and boots at the Roxy,  spotty dresses and tough boots. Love the energy and the life in those pieces, the tales they tell, the people, the places….

The paintings are hanging in shop on Broadway Market, Hackney, London,  E8, hang on, Gina says they are there “for two weekends, only open Saturdays and Sundays” – over the road from the jellied eel place, by the art book shop right in the middle of the street.

ORGAN: Starsha Lee, Deadcuts and a whole load of art, performance, smoke and red light at the Ritter-Zamet gallery, East London

Deadcuts @ Ritter-Zamet gallery

Deadcuts @ Ritter-Zamet gallery

It was all over to the back streets of Whitechapel, deepest East London, last night, Deadcuts were playing in a gallery, the Ritter-Zamet gallery, they’d invited artists to hang art for one night, performers to come along and perform, and special guests Starsha Lee to come join them in the corner of intimate white-walled space. Starsha Lee were making their live debut, you’d never have knows this was the first time out, Crispin Gray’s latest band, he of Daisy Chainsaw, Queen Adreena, Dizzy Q Viper and other fine bands. Starsha Lee were seriously wired in from the start, the perfect environment to kick off the chapter, drenched in red light, thrusting through the smoke, all Explorer shape-throwing and no letting up for a second, manic vocals, raw edges, an overdose of attitude, spiky, fluid, Siamese-cat-like, on your toes, in your face, infectious, proper riffs, people crushed in, straining for a view. something good cooking up here.


Before Starsha Lee, there’s performance art happening back in the darkness and strobe lights of first of the two rooms of the gallery, the room with the art and the people, no idea who’s performing, lost in the red light and the collage of cut up sound…  On the walls the satanic psychedelia of Jason Atomic, a piece from Adam Espira that’s destined for the next Deadcuts record sleeve, Sophie MacDonald’s raw paintings, oh and a leafheart or two over there on that wall alongside the Siren Kult creations (dresses made out of Deadcuts t-shirts and such, fabric interpretations of the Deadcuts sound).

Ritter-Zamet gallery

Ritter-Zamet gallery

Freezing outside, winter is starting to bite, warm in here though, body heat, feels more like a private party than an official event, tickets did sell out in advance but it does feel like a “secret” word of mouth backstreet thing.  And I’d forgotten how unpleasant venues full of obnoxious cigarette smoke were, throats are raw today, clothes were stinking last night, vile! Smoke apart, this is rather good, this is proper good, a real event and a gallery alive with energy and attitude, with music and art. The art went up during the sound check (it all came down again at the end of the evening), invited artists turning up and hanging together, real.

Ritter-Zamet gallery

Ritter-Zamet gallery

Deadcuts are the ones who’ve pulled tonight together, their show and their vision, another gallery show in their own back yard, doing things a slightly different way without making a look-at-us big noise about it, just there, just really there, quietly making themselves vital. . Mark Keds and his band are really coming together now, they’ll confidently tell you so themselves, mark will tell you this is the best he’s done, and why not, if you know you’re good then say it, he right, he has fine history, but these are his finest  times.  Lot of new material tonight, quite a few songs being played for the first time, Deadcuts really are sounding wired – wiry, edgy, on the edge, like they’ve got that killing joke to deliver, everything stripped away, drenched in even more red smoke that Starsha Lee, no time to stop, straight at you.  Starsha Lee threw down the gauntlet, Deadcuts are well and truly running with it, really packed in here now, people craning to see, people listening from the corridor, this feels like something special, the kind of backstreet gig that people will claim they were at when really they were sat at home reading about it on social media. There’s a lean urgency to this new Deadcuts material, Keds and his partner in crime Jerome Alexandre clearly feel they have this band right now, this new line up and these new songs for the forthcoming second album – really wired, right there. Really does feels like something special tonight, feel like real rock ‘n roll – claustrophobic, slightly discordant, a little bit disturbing, pointy, wired, to the point, making a point, psychedelic furs, killing jokes  more than a little bit disturbing actually, dark and disturbing, wired, moody something rather good happened in here in this East End backstreet art gallery tonight, these back street things keep on happening in galleries, car parks, railway arches, condemned warehouses, people coming together and making things happen rather than waiting for them to happen. Deadcuts made it really happen last night. (SW)       

A whole load of blurred red images, click on one to enlarge or rum the slide show.

Stop press, this just in –  “It was a fantastic night. Performance Art was courtesy of the Dalston Ballet Company”.


ORGAN THING: Goddesses, “It’d be great if you could give it a listen”. More Cardiacs on a piano

Organ Thing?  No time today, busy day, Deadcuts and such and no one suffers fools gladly, he was a charming man though…. Meanwhile, back in the in-box, “Hi There, we’re a new band from a place called Derby who’ve just released a single called ‘I See You’. It’d be great if you could give it a listen, and hey if you dig it maybe you’d consider reviewing it?”  Well we don’t really need to review it, here it is, we think it worthy of posting here….



More of those rather fine Cardiacs interpretations on piano, Adrian Beckwith…


More later maybe


ORGAN THING: New Bowie then, he just let loose almost ten minutes of Blackstar

One second short of ten minutes then, Bowie just unleashed a new single or a track or something, do people like Bowie still release singles? . Blackstar….



Here’s all the links

“Blackstar” off David Bowie’s upcoming album Blackstar out 8 January 2016.

Follow David Bowie:


ORGAN THING: Starsha Lee, art, Siren Kult, music, Deadcuts, Whitechapel, Ritter-Zamet gallery, Sophie Macdonald….

Starsha Lee - Sofia de Oliveira Martins

Starsha Lee – Sofia de Oliveira Martins

Deadcuts on Saturday then, we mentioned it a couple of days ago here, the special guests joining Deadcutts have now been announced, Starsha Lee are making their debut. Are they a “they” or is Starsha Lee a person with a band? The name of a band or the name of a singer with her band? Does it matter? just get there and check it out. First ever performance from rather tasty sounding Starsha Lee, rather like the little bits we’ve heard so far…. and rather like the imagery photographer Sofia de Oliveira Martins is throwing up as well.  

Starsha Lee are Starsha Lee on vocals. Crispin Gray on guitar and backing vocals, Steve Nightmare on drums and Michael Vakalis on bass guitar. Here’s an early taste of what the new band are doing….



Full Deadcut details and show details here, Painterly things and such happening here at the rather mysterious Ritter-Zamet gallery next Saturday. Deadcuts and very special guests playing in one room (not sure if we can mention the special guests), rather looking forward to the special guests. Art hanging in and around another room, film and music everywhere, over in Whitechapel


The artists taking part in the show are now confirmed “GUEST ARTISTS INCLUDING SOPHIE MACDONALD JASON ATOMIC, ESPIRA, JONI BELARUSKI AND SEAN WORRALL” Meanwhile the Siren Kult artists are coming up with some rather good looking shirts and such, love these Deadcuts set list shirts…. 




A taste of some of the art from contributing artists…. click on an image to enlarge or run the slide show





ORGAN THING: Gina Birch, she of The Raincoats, painting and sound, this Saturday. Performance artists Sheree Rose and Amy Kingsmill at Resistance this Sunday…

Organ thing, couple more art-flavoured parish notices today, we’re in a rush, excuse the blatant robbery and the sharing of words, all about the signposts and this Gina Birch show does look good, shame we’re busy that night here. Art shows aren’t just about opening nights and elbows and crowds though, see you on Sunday.

You may need your rain coats, no, I didn’t say that, ignore that, delete that bit, Gina Birch, she of The Raincoats, amongst other things, will be bringing some sunshine or or uunf**king the world or something like that at Broadway Market, Hackney, this Saturday


“In conjunction with the shoot we are presenting an exhibition of Paintings and Sound by Gina Birch (who will star in our live-dance-film I am not a Village as Gina the Cleaner) in Sarah’s wonderful furniture shop on Broadway market. Maryam Hashemi will also be presenting her work on the Market and there will be a further exhibition of her work soon.
There will be an opening this Saturday from 6pm so whether or not you are joining us for shoot shenanigans come and join us for food, drink, music and paintings and a sneak preview of our new trailer, skillfully crafted by Jeremy Carne XXX”




Meanwhile, the Sheree Rose and Amy Kingsmill collaboration this coming Sunday has suddenly moved venue, something to do with cold feet I would imagine, here’s the details, borrowed from the good carrot munching people at Art Rabbit

“Sunday brings legendary performance artist Sheree Rose to London to perform with arresting local artist Amy Kingsmill a collaborative work ‘Tender Blood’, this performance promises to be ‘a union using violence as a language to express affection.’”

Sheree Rose - Gurney Of Nails

Sheree Rose – Gurney Of Nails

Sheree Rose, is a pioneer in SM performance art best known for her work with her life partner Bob Flanagan throughout his life in regards to SM and illness and her recent collaborations with english performance artist Martin O’ Brien, during which she recreated several of her previous performances with Bob, a fellow sufferer of cystic fibrosis.

Following this interest in collaboration across generations Sheree’s performance with Amy Kingsmill will draw on their mutual personal histories around BDSM, Master/Mistress and Slave relationships and their understanding of using traditionally violent acts as a way of conveying adoration.

Amy Kingsmill - Journey

Amy Kingsmill – Journey

Amy Kingsmill’s work often draws on the intuitive, the ritualistic and the fetish, her last performance at Spill Festival of Performance Art; Journey saw her pulling a large panel of white feathers behind her from hooks in her back in impossibly high heels. Her work has also explored degenerative illness in her performance Projected Prognosis- a video of her visibly ill father sitting, suffering from huntington’s disease, an illness she has a 50% chance of having inherited is projected over her sitting motionless beneath it.

Tender Blood uses blood as a language for intimacy, this performance is a platform for exchange, across polarities of age, dominance and submission, and distance. Join Amy Kingsmill and Sheree Rose on Sunday the 22rd on November at Resistance Gallery.”

There’s some previous Amy Kingsmill Organ coverage here

Resistance Gallery can be found here


And while we’re here, let me leave this for further investigation later….

ORGAN THING: Deadcuts live in a London art gallery with music, paint, film and more next Saturday…

They come from horror and despair, the taxi drivers, the rat became a unit of currency and all around the cats put on legwarmers and the whole world window was turned off for the evening…. so…. thatt light thing was in the day, who was to know? Should have paid closer attention said the man selling scotch eggs on Columbia Road… Today’s thing? Deadcuts live in a London art gallery with music, paint, film and more next Saturday…

deadcutts_flyerPainterly things and such happening here at the rather mysterious Ritter-Zamet gallery next Saturday. Deadcuts and very special guests playing in one room (not sure if we can mention the special guests), rather looking forward to the special guests. Art hanging in and around another room, film and music everywhere, down in Whitechapel or up in Whitechapel or over in Whitechapel, London E1, More in a bit, tickets on sale for the gig now… artists involved include Sophie MacDonald, Espira, Jason Atomic, Joni Belaruski, Rckay Rax , Sean Worrall

The Facebook page for the event is here, the two tickets for £10 deal is here, the venue gallery is Ritter-Zamet Gallery, Unit 8, 80a Ashfield St, London E1




Deadcuts – Perfect Made Practice. Track 10 taken from Deadcuts debut LP *Dark Is The Night* 2014 on Speedowax. – Deadcuts are Mark Keds, Jerome Alexandre, Mark McCarthy and Trevor Sharpe


Meanwhile DEADCUTS are currently fund raising to finish their forthcoming Dope Girls EP out Jan 2016 on Speedowax – please feel free to donate via Paypal to : zero.lam27 at


More later…. maybe… probably…. shall we?



ORGAN THING: Today, outside Shoreditch Overground, East London, Festival of Shadows….

Quick parish notice:  Today, outside Shoreditch Overground, East London, Festival of Shadows….

#‎borisseethelight‬ The threat of the Bishopsgate Goodsyard looms larger than ever. Nearly 50 floors buildings would cast the area into permanent shadow. Boris can say ‘NO’ if we help him see the light.


“Join our Festival of Shadows: this Sunday 15 November at 12pm outside Shoreditch Overground. Wear black, bring a torch and a black umbrella”.

“The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has dramatically intervened to decide the development of Bishopsgate Goodsyard in Shoreditch. He has taken away the two councils’ power to decide the planning application and will make the decision himself. If he approves the current proposal, a faceless mega complex of luxury towers will cast giant shadows over our community and give nothing back to Shoreditch, Spitalfields and Brick Lane areas”. More reading here



As part of the first of its public engagements, the newly formed Bengali East End Heritage Society is asking Londoners to send them photographs of their local area which reminds them of a Bengali presence.  The project is called ‘Amrar Zaga’, which translates as “Our Place”. The city is experiencing an intense amount of growth in buildings and development. How do these physical changes impact on the local Bangladeshi community?

What aspects of the built environment remind you of a Bangladeshi presence in the local area? This could be your neighbourhood, a row of houses, an architectural feature, shop, street market or social event – anything that signals that a Bengali or Bangladeshi community lives here.

Email your photograph with your name, details, your locality and a description on why you chose it to avidartagency at or Tweet to @avidartagency

Your photographs will be used for mapping purposes, future exhibitions and to help shape the image and role of the Bengali East End Heritage Society.

More later…. maybe…