ORGAN PREVIEW: Wheels Within Wheels, an experimental event featuring members of The Artaud Beats, Henry Cow…

Yumi performs 'Dynamate/I am Your Animal' at Kanda Isolde, 2013, (photo: Hideki Matsumoto)

Yumi performs ‘Dynamate/I am Your Animal’ at Kanda Isolde, 2013, (photo: Hideki Matsumoto)

WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS is an event happening at a new improv/experimental night at Redchurch Brewery, a night run by Yumi Hara, and a pre-launch party for Guy Harries and Yumi Hara’s new album, also called Wheels Within Wheels. (and it’s Yumi’s birthday party as well)

The event features live performances: (in various combinations):from YUMI HARA (The Artaud Beats) vocals, keyboards, harp, found objects, GEOFF LEIGH (The Artaud Beats, Henry Cow) flute, saxophone, electronics, vocals, TIM HODGKINSON (Henry Cow): clarinet, lap steel, and GUY HARRIES vocals, flute, electronics, found objects.

As well as DJ sets from  MARINA ORGAN (The Other Rock Show, Resonance FM), GUY HARRIES and YUMI HARA

Wheels Within Wheels happens on 15th July (7pm to 11.30pm) at the Redchurch Brewery, 275-276 Poyser Street, London, E2 9RF London. Tickets: £5 on the door.

Here’s some enticing “video footage from The Artaud Beats and their Logos launch concert at Le Triton, encore section. Watch out for upside down snare drum, lots of air hitting, sudden change of groove, piano strings banging and muting:”  Logos is available from ReR, Wayside (USA), Disk Union (Japan) and from


Guy Harries & Yumi Hara Sonic Rituals at Electric Knife 161014 texts written by Chris Cutler




ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Diane Goldie’s window…

ORGAN THING OF THE DAY:  Went to have a look at Diane Goldie‘s window today, at Viktor Wynd’s Last Tuesday Society, his rather delightfully strange museum on Mare Street, just by the canal, edges of Hackney.  I wasn’t the only one curious, big crowd outside, very colourful crowd (very very colourful), artists, film directors, perfprmers… The window is there to be enjoyed for the next couple of months…


Launching on Sunday 28th,  The Viktor Wynd Museum is delighted to announce that Diane Goldie will be creating a special window display for the months of June & July  – Diane Goldie is an artist, obsessive maker, feminist, puppeteer and poet.  Born in Nottinghamshire in the early 60s, before emigrating to South Africa in 1975, where she received her art training and love of vibrant colours and tribal aesthetic, Diane has turned her hand to most crafts and arts over her 50 years on the planet, delighting in the quirky and oddball :crocheting strange anthropomorphic creatures and performance artists as well as sewing fetuses and weird armless busts from cotton jersey. Diane spent her early years as a scenic artist, copying Old Masters as part of her daily job before returning to the UK and then spent the next 25 years delighting London’s children as a puppeteer. Then Diane met the inspirational Sue Kreitzman and her world changed.  Now wearable art, sculpture and painting has taken front stage and Diane has closed those red velvet puppet show curtains for the last time . Through the medium of painting, embroidering and appliqueing onto vibrant African prints, Diane aims to take art from the gallery walls and bring it to the street in the form of wearable art and personal creative expression of style.


More tomorrow… maybe

ORGAN: R.I.P Chris Squire, driver of those glorious Yes bass lines…



We’re sad to learn of the passing of Chris Squire, the widely-respected bass player best known for his work with one of the finest bands ever, Yes. Chris, aged 67, had been undergoing treatment, in his adopted home town of Phoenix, for acute erythroid leukemia, his illness had been widely reported over the last few months

“Utterly devastated beyond words to have to report the sad news of the passing of my dear friend, bandmate and inspiration Chris Squire,” his colleague in Yes, Geoffrey Downes, has tweeted this afternoon (Sunday).


Squire, born in London in 1948, was a founding member of Yes in 1968 and was the only musician to play on every one of their albums, from their self-titled 1969 debut to last year’s ‘Heaven & Earth.’ It had already been announced that Squire was taking a break from Yes, with Billy Sherwood taking his place on bass for their upcoming tour. The band’s first date of their upcoming tour, on August 7, will mark the first time they have ever performed live without Squire.

Chris Squire

Chris Squire

“In addition to his expertise on the Rickenbacker, and on backing vocals, on such landmark Yes albums as ‘Fragile,’ ‘Tales From Topographic Oceans,’ ‘Going For The One’ and ‘90125,’ Chris had a wealth of other key recordings in his catalogue. His 1975 solo album ‘Fish Out Of Water,’ which featured Yes colleagues Bill Bruford and Patrick Moraz among others, was much revered.  Prior to Yes, he was a co-founder of The Syn, who toured and recorded for two years from 1965 and played a famous support slot for the Jimi Hendrix Experience at the Marquee Club in 1967. He played on Rick Wakeman’s ‘Six Wives Of Henry VIII’ in 1973 and on former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett’s ‘Out Of The Tunnel’s Mouth’ (2009) and ‘Beyond The Shrouded Horizon’ (2011), before the pair formed the much-lauded Squackett, releasing the album ‘A Life Within A Day’ in 2012″.

“You can deviate to the extent that you can put more into the concept and less into the playing,” Squire told Sounds in 1977. “That’s great for people who like concepts. But possibly the concept should be less important than the joy of playing.


“Really saddened to hear of the death of my old Yes band-mate, Chris Squire. I shall remember him fondly; one of the twin rocks upon which Yes was founded and, I believe, the only member to have been present and correct, Rickenbacker at the ready, on every tour. He and I had a working relationship built around our differences. Despite, or perhaps because of, the old chestnut about creative tension, it seemed, strangely, to work.

He had an approach that contrasted sharply with the somewhat monotonic, immobile bass parts of today. His lines were important; counter-melodic structural components that you were as likely to go away humming as the top line melody; little stand-alone works of art in themselves. Whenever I think of him, which is not infrequently, I think of the over-driven fuzz of the sinewy staccato hits in Close to the Edge (6’04” and on) or a couple of minutes later where he sounds like a tuba (8’.00”). While he may have taken a while to arrive at the finished article, it was always worth waiting for. And then he would sing a different part on top.

An individualist in an age when it was possible to establish individuality, Chris fearlessly staked out a whole protectorate of bass playing in which he was lord and master. I suspect he knew not only that he gave millions of people pleasure with his music, but also that he was fortunate to be able to do so. I offer sincere condolences to his family.

Adios, partner. Bill.”

R.I.P Chris Squire, let’s celebrate his life and music with that base line that ignites Roundabout




ORGAN THING: Exploring the art and artists of Hackney Wick, enjoying it while we still can…

hackney_wick2015_85So Hackney Wick then, Fish Island and the rabbit warrens of lovely old buildings, spaces and places unwanted and unloved for years, well besides by the artists who have loved them and live in them, worked in them and created in them for the last twenty or so years. Yesterday was the Saturday of this year’s always looked-forward -to Hackney WickEd weekend.

Well it wasn’t really WickEd, well not officially anyway, Two years ago, after an enforced break for Olympic year (the Hackney Wick area really is in the shadow of the Olympic stadium), it was the return of those almost spontaneous set of street parties, all art studios, sound systems, sitting in the street with friends watching performance, exploring the open galleries, dancing with strangers, watching street art emerge, people coming together, creativity, spontaneous fun and more. Last year we started to feel things change,  that creep of gentrification, “I hated seeing security guards on the studio doors” said one painter as she talked of the high-end fashion designers who had started to move in by the time last year’s event came around.  Last year didn’t quite feel the same, last year was still good though, still lots of art, lots of good people, lots of creativity, change was in the air though, not quite so much of the slightly anarchic and the positively creative doing-of-things-our-way vibe.

hackney_wick2015_69And this year? This year the Hackney WickEd weekend isn’t officially happening, this year the authorities have hit the organisers with outrageous demands in terms of policing costs, clean up costs, you can’t do that costs, killjoy costs, everything now must be sanitised and come with a corporate logo (see that soul-sucking Kopparberg take over just by the railway station and their hideous Urban Forest stuff-pushing space invasion).

hackney_wick2015_54And so the much loved annual weekend Hackney WickEd festival isn’t quite “officially” happening this year.  What did happen yesterday (and throughout the weekend) was lots of coordinated open studios, lots of events happening at the same time throughout the weekend, lots of gallery openings, installations, spontaneous use of space, things like Den-City (n the Formans yard) or the Hackney WickEd commissioned Exo//Schizm performance at the Stour Space complex. The whole thing was quietly billed as the Hackney WickEd Open Studios weekend.   The crowds weren’t so big this year, publicity was a little more low key, no stages or sound systems in the street and in some ways, far more time and space to actually get in to some of the studios and actually enjoy exploring the meat of the place.  And Hackney Wicked is about exploring, exploring for what could be the last time. The ethos is ‘let’s enjoy it it while we can’.  The weekend was about exploring the many art studios and such that are under serious threat now.  The redevelopment, the gentrification, the rent hikes and such really is all starting to squeeze Fish Island now, several of the bigger studio buildings are earmarked, notice has been given to quit, long leases negotiated when no one else wanted the spaces or the land are now coming to an end, office conversions on the the way, sanitised tech hubs and PR companies replacing the genuine creative flow – enjoy it now, this is still a special place, enjoy it while you can.


Rossen Darkalov

There’s very little traffic in Hackney Wick, the old buildings of the Peanut Factory, of Mother Studios, the White building and the like are alive with such character, this is still a very a creative place and yes, while it is still here you really should celebrate it all. Enjoy the feel in Hackney Wick, people aren’t rushing through in their cars to get to somewhere else (you can’t really, Fish Island really is a little cut off). Enjoy this place, people are doing things, making things, and in those studios (next to the scrap yards or the mechanics in their oil-stained garages), in those studios waiting to be explored there really is some interesting art, some serious art, some exciting art, some stimulating people making significant art.. There’s something rather good about visiting artists in their studios, it isn’t like going to a gallery, you get a real sense of the person, the work that goes in, the creative process (even if there is sometimes a feeling of things being cleaned up and staged just a little, the carefully arranged mess of the brushes and  paint set out to impress us). Textile printers, sculptors, intense fine artists, pop artists, experimentalists, illustrators, all their in their warrens, and for a couple of days letting us in to their mostly private worlds.  Impossible to explore it all, impossible to not get in to long friendly conversations, to join in and indulge in snippets, reasons why, impossible to start picking out the names of artists  where did I put that card with her name on? Unfair to pick out artists like Dave Le Flemming or Cian O’Neil, Pallas Citroen’s Blonde on Blonde in Swartz Gallery, Thierry Noir’s new wall, unfair to start picking out names – this weekend was about the place as a whole, about enjoying a place while we still can, before our time is up, still lots of creativity to be found in East London.  Yesterday was a great day, a day to “enjoy it while we can”, we’ll celebrate days like this and places and people like these when its all gone. We’ve already lost Vyner Street, most of Redchurch Street, East London is changing fast, not every change is bad of course, but most of it really is, and we artists know out time is almost up around here…  Celebrate these times, this art, these old buildings, warehouses, these people and these creative spaces that birth so much… Hackney Wicked happened again this year, we had a great time, here, in random order,are some photos of the art, the people, the places (and a #365ArtDrop or two).  We had a great time, we’ll miss these days, Saturday was great, no on with Sunday and more exploring…  (SW)

.Click on an image to enlarge or run the random slide show…  .

ORGAN THING: Poison Girl Vi Subversa turns 80…

ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Poison Girl Vi Subversa turns 80: As pointed out by our good friend Mr Sterile, the rather GLORIOUSLY inspirational Vi Subversa (she of Poison Girls) has just turned 80 –  “Amazing, Vi Subversa turns 80! Front person for the unique UK anarcho-punk band Poison Girls (said mr Sterile). Their music always sounded like a warm hug from nana, no other group sounded like them, and I remember really liking the band was made of this generation a long way away from my 17 yr old ears, of people old enough to hang out at the Invers RSA, but they seemed right at the front of a truly radical music at the time”.

Poison Girls' Vi Subversa celebrated her eightieth birthday

Poison Girls’ Vi Subversa celebrated her eightieth birthday

Happy birthday”  More here via The Hippies All Wear Black, You can explore the history and more via the official Poison Girls website (a site run by the band)


Den City, Hackney Wick(ed), Exo//Schizm, open galleries, artists studios, all happening this weekend, the ethos is, ‘let’s enjoy it it whilst we can’.

hw_logoThis weekend over at Hackney Wick, around Fish Island and the surrounding area of fast disappearing East London, lots of things are happening. Things? Creativity, art, painting, performance, dancing around architecture (while maybe watching a ship, or a Sweet Toof encrusted canal boat, arriving too late to save a drowning witch?). The annual Hackney WickED arts festival has been forced to evolve. Highlights this weekend include the Den-City installation, A Performance from art group The Cult Of RAMM:ELL:ZEE, as well as galleries and artists studios open all over the Wick… it all happens over the forthcoming weekend, events kick off on Friday June 26 with lots of private views and galleries openings (mostly happening between 6-9pm), and then the main body of events will happen on Saturday June 27, (from around 2pm until 9pm) and then through the afternoon of Sunday June 29,

hw_dencityimageDen-City? What;s that then?  DEN-City1 is to be “a temporary utopian city of installations, dens and assemblages. Colourfully, repurposing, and recycling on the theme Work in Progress” . DEN- City1 will be mushrooming on a prime piece of land right by the Olympic site in Hackney, “Forget Glastonbury, this is a free space, an art city where money has been abolished. Den City is part of the London Festival of Architecture. . Den City will Feature art, artists, talks, workshops, poetry, performance, “special opening night events and many other surprises”.

den_city_flyerxArtist Rebecca Feiner’s Den City will feature a number of  artists including Paul Sakoilsky, Hannah Gardiner, Kate Farrow, David.C.West, Sean Worrall, Matthew Andrew, Susanna Sanroman, India Roper Evans, Charlie Fox, Anna Maloney, Martin Sexton, Rubbish Artist, Sarah Sparkes, Sarah Doyle, Tom Estes, Mia Culpa, William Angus Hughes, Rebecca Scott, Meiko Kikuta, MonikaTobel, Samuel Brzeski, Danny Pockets, Joanna McCormick, Julia Maddison, Andrew Stys, Cluster Bomb Collective, Gzillion Artist, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Jude Cowan Montague, Iris Garrelfs, Ansell Cizic and more.

Traditionally at this time of year the (by now legendary) Hackney WickED arts festival takes place, however, pressure from the various authorities coupled with the destructive creep of re-development and gentrification that is rather rapidly chasing the creative community out of East London, means Hackney WickED is not officially happening this year.. There may not officially be a Hackney WickED but the Wicked team have been hard at work and there are many (many) events, lots of artists opening their studios, open galleries with new shows and performances happening alongside this weekend’s London Festival of Architecture

Hackney WickED themselves say they are “pleased to be able to commission
the performance art group The Cult Of RAMM:ELL:ZEE to present EXO//SCHIZM

hw_exoPerformance art group The Cult Of RAMM:ELL:ZEE present an EXO//SCHIZM- a ritual to baptize a new phase of beings known as the EXO//DIRECTIVES, equiped to occupy the increasingly precarious environment known as The Immediate (also known as The Kettle in Our Heads).

The Cult Of RAMM:ELL:ZEE act as a Cargo Cult, reconfiguring specific cultural debris and sportsware into exo skeleton armour and ceremonial totems to create immersive environments used for performance rituals that reference strands of Hip Hop history, pyschogeography, cyberpunk, science fiction and the theory of Gothic Futurism by the late nasal rapper/ graffiti art philosopher, performance artist RAMM:ELL:ZEE.

From 2014-2015 The Cult Of RAMM:ELL:ZEE have performed large scale immersive rituals at artist run spaces such as The Gasworks, DIG space, The Pumphouse (a squatted museum in Greenwich) and at institutes such as Modern Art Oxford, Somerset House and also at The Saatchi Gallery. They recently set up a ritual training camp whilst on a two week residency at The Radicals festival in Rotterdam organised by Roodkapje.EXO//SCHIZM  Facebook event

hw_annie_attridgeAll over Hackney Wick “artists are coming together to organise a DIY Open Studios event, to celebrate the artistic and creative community that currently resides in the area.. This may potentially be the last Open Studios event of its kind prior to many artist studios buildings and work spaces being re-developed, and artists being moved out of their current spaces. The ethos is, ‘let’s enjoy it it whilst we can’.

The weekend will commence with private views across Hackney Wick on Friday 26 June from 6pm followed by a Hackney WickED CIC fundraiser party, an intimate event with local artists, including Douce Angoisse, DJ Esa and other artists and performers, authentic to the Wick. The event is supported by local venue Grow Hackney and tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th June: 12-6pm  sees a weekend programme of events and studio & gallery. Over one-hundred artists open studios across the following buildings:  Mother Studios, Space (Britannia Works, Bridget Riley, White Building, Eastway Studio), See Studio, Stour Space, arebyte/ARBEIT, Lionworks, Old Peanut Factory, Wallis Rd, Cell, Liquid Studios, 92 White Post Lane, DEN-City1, Vittoria Wharf, Fish Island Labs/ Swan Wharf, Grow Hackney and more

Hackney WickEd 2014

Hackney WickEd 2014

Other highlights from the series of events for this coming weekend include

Arebyte will be showing work of South African artist Nelmarie du Preez will take part in the last series of our gallery residencies and solo-shows for the Winter-Spring program. For the duration of the residency du Preez has spent in the ‘lab’ where she has constructed a new artwork following her previous work “Loops of relation” (2013), which explored the human-computer relationship by means of trust or performance ‘exercises’ performed by herself and her robot..

hw_2014_2r-urban wick TRUST / LAND / COMMUNITY  – Fri 26th June (7-9pm) at Stour Space – A Community Land Trust for workspace in Hackney Wick and Fish Island.  “Can the prospect of a community Land Trust be the answer to Hackney Wick’s dilemma around the provision of affordable workspace as well as housing? Hackney Wick is full with ideas and approaches to workspace led development, however without land ownership and capital, the community has few options for realising its dreams. But if the community could have its way with a piece of local land, what might it look like? How might it work? And who might it be for? How can we collectively articulate a demand for land to be trusted to the community? Boris Johnson 2012 Manifesto pledged a Community Land Trust in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Can we hold the Mayor accountable to his original promise? The Wick Session is calling on all those who want to get involved and help set up a Community Land Trust in Hackney Wick and Fish Island. A series of presentations by invited speakers will help frame the conversation and hopefully help us articulate a joint position”.

Hackney WickED 2014

Hackney WickED 2014

Lion Works – David leFlemming | Manu likes to disco  – David will be show a few paintings in the alleyway between Lionworks and Liquid, outside unit G3, 55 Wallis Road.

The ongoing year-long #365ArtDrops piece will continue around Hackney Wick throughout the weekend. Mostly around about and as part of the Den City installation.  The #365ArtDrops piece of work is a piece in 365 parts, 365 paintings on things found on the street and then hung back out on the street for people to take.It is expected that something like thirty or so parts of the piece will be left out over the weekend.

Dollyolli Studios – Marie Brenneis has curated a live performance events with some butoh dance and some very dark dancing on plus poetry, live music, sound art and open studios, were you can come and see our new work. Live poetry on Friday (6pm – 9pm) with Phillip Barron, Sunshine Faggio, Cam Ringel and Raw Poetry. On Saturday Butoh dancer Mai Nguyen Tri will be performing her new piece on the hour every hour. Unit F1, 55 Wallis Road. There will be surprises in store on the day


Vicious Collective Open Studio – Vicious Collective Present an Open Studio of Artist’s in residence at Unit 18, 10 Stour Road, E3 2NT including the work of Artist’s Conrad Armstrong, Nuha Ruby Ra, Sean Wild, Rowena Boshier and many more – plus other performances, installations and happenings throughout the day and evening, At Unit 16 & 17 you’ll find a group show featuring artists Will Hartley | Hannah Gardiner | Luis Martín | James Forde | Sara Kärpänen

At 92 White Post Lane you will find Ben Hopper’s Open Studio: Ben will be opening his studio in Hackney for a very special clearance sale with super crazy bonkers discounts to raise money for his North America trip (whatever that may be?)

over on Wallis Road you’ll find work from artists including: Anna Popovich, Alex Heaton, Michael Sydney Moore, Lewis Heriz, Bruce Ingram, Michael Obrizkiv, Yvona Nov, Natalie Ryde , Aki Moriuchi, Andrew Bethell, David Snewin, Peter Sanders

Anna Popavich Open Studio  – To celebrate the launch of her new collection, join Anna “for a glass of wine, view the new collection and discover where and how each of my designs is created” There will also be a sample sale over the weekend

At the Old Peanut Factory, 22 Smeed Road – The OLD Peanut Factory collective, ” an assorted mix of professional artists/designers/composers will be showcasing work for the curious minded”.

SPACE Open Studios  – SPACE will be opening their various studio doors in Hackney Wick during the weekend. “This is a great opportunity to see the diverse work of hundreds of the leading contemporary artists in London, meet the artists and makers and look inside their studios”  artists showing work will include Sheena Calvert, Adam King, Janet Bell, Peter Ainsworth, Michael Ashcroft, Ruth Calland, Mick Dean, Adam Forman, Paul Green, Maggie Jennings, Martin McGinn, Paul Norton, Alison Smart, Sara Bellon, Paul Dash, Erin Lawlor, Julian Perry, Claire Pestaille, Siobhan Stanley, Alex Dordoy, Delyth Bolt, Jim Jack, Marsha Saunders, Wilfrid Wood, Alex Chilvers, Photis Charalambou, Floyd Varey, James Faure Walker, Diana Taylor, Graham Harwood, James Brown, Sam.Wingate, Linda Simmonds, Jenny Blanchard, Vanessa Mitter, Paul Brandford, Jeanette Barnes, Gary Colclough, Kate Terry, Sharon Elphick, Josh, Jozef Popjak, Kwabena Gyedu, John King, Pandora Vaughan, Joe Carcary, Marian Monas, Paul Flannery. Robert Muir, Michael Frangou

SPACE artists can be found at the following addresses – The White Building: Queen’s Yard White Post Lane, E9 5EN, at Britannia Works: Dace Road, E3 2NQ, at Bridget Riley Studios: 43-45 Dace Road, E3 2NG and at at Eastway Laundry Studios: 80 Eastway, E9 5GH

Mother Open Studios – Mother Studios artists will be opening their studios to the public throughout the weekend.  “All welcome, this is your chance to see a diverse range of work and to meet and mingle with painters, sculptors, jewellers and more.  Including:  Ana Maria Ripoll Alonso, Susan Swartzberg, Mackenzie Scott, Maryam Hashemi,Michael Worobec, Nadia Ugobuono, Camilla Scaramang, Nina Mankin & Robert Aberdein


Stour Space Open Weekend 2015: Workshops, Tours, Performance & Music and a number of workshops and events “with our favourite people and organisations, all held at Stour Space” – Including: Daniel latorre, Emma Ware, FrillyByLily, Gunther Jancke, James Bowman, Joanna Georgiades, Jodi Mcfayden HIT+RUN: live screen printing- Bob Motown will lead a live t-shirt screen-printing afternoon. Visitors can print from a range of designs and purchase a t-shirt on the spot.  Pen Pushers: Back to the Jungle-Tigers, Giraffes, and your little Monkeys… The Pen Pushers team will be recycling cardboard from Westfield shopping centre and reverting it back to a natural habitat for your kids to explore. Printersmith: Linocut printing workshop – Design, create and print your own linocut prints with The Counter Cafe resident printer, Hannah Jane Smith.

Paradisco: Stour Space Gallery – The highly-anticipated exhibition PARADISCO by Andi Gáldi Vinkó is on display in the main gallery. In her debut UK show, Hungarian photographer Andi Gáldi Vinkó presents Paradisco, an ongoing series of sociological portraits exploring Gáldi Vinkó’s generation of disaffected youth. Alluding to an elusive paradise, the title combines ‘Para’, slang in Hungarian for ‘fear’, with ‘disco’, a term universally understood to indicate fun. This duality – capturing both the frailty and absurdity of the world, as well as the desire to celebrate one’s own place in it – runs throughout Paradisco. In a recent profile in Photograph Magazine, Elisabeth Biondi highlights how ‘an important aspect of Gáldi Vinkó’s work is the exploration of how we see ourselves and how we perpetually attempt to control how we are perceived.’

90 Gallery presents Ronch, 90 Main Yard – The second exhibition at the new “90 Gallery” we will present an extremely curious and interesting body of work made by Stefano Ronchi. The main feature of his work – surrealism. The meticulous attention to detail in microcosms crowded and dense with situations, through a miniaturist approach, supported by the use of a magnifying glass to define every square inch of the work. Urban contexts are dismembered in a dream-like swarm of architecture, forms and social relations disrupted, provocatively juxtaposed with no apparent order. Childhood memories and surreal dreams are recomposed with graphite or colour on canvas and paper, often through pareidolia, returning a duel between the freedom of the absurd and arbitrariness of the rule. There will be little pieces made by Stefano and hidden by him. If you are lucky and attentive you can have the chance to find the little treasures somewhere around the venue of Number 90. Curated by Ema E.Marinova

Don City Radio is a new up and coming multi genre station with a variety of acts, the station has been running since mid January but we have had a lot of dJ’s that have come as special guest not to mention the up and coming DJ’s that have slots on a weekly bases and also come with mc’s, poets, presenters. They’ll also be at the Hackney WickED Retro Party on Fri 26th. Tune in to Don City >>

oh look, we could go on listing things happening over this rather special weekend around this unique part of soon to be gone East London, there’s creative things going on all over the Wick,  the ethos is, ‘let’s enjoy it it whilst we can’.  (SW)

ORGAN THING: Lydia Lunch Retrovirus at Cafe Oto tomorrow…

This Tuesday 23rd June, that’s tomorrow if you’re reading this on the day it was posted, this Tuesday at Cafe Oto, north London… Now that’s what we call an impressive line up of band members…

Lydia Lunch Retrovirus + Mesa of the Lost Women (Junko / Yves Botz / Christophe Sorro)



No Wave iconoclast Lydia Lunch, in conspiracy with Herculean guitarist Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers), fret-destroying bassist Tim Dahl (Child Abuse) and legendary drummer Bob Bert (Sonic Youth/Pussy Galore), following new album, Urge To Kill.

Recorded live in studio in November 2014, URGE TO KILL stomps new life into classics from Lydia’s immense catalog. Included are re-invigorated re-imaginings of songs like “Snakepit Breakdown” and “Lock Your Door” from 13.13. (1981), “Fields of Fire” and “Three Kings” from Honeymoon in Red (1987), the Rowland S. Howard slow-scorcher “Still Burning”, “Some Boys” from In Limbo (1984), “Tied and Twist” from Queen of Siam (1980) as well as a gloriously manic reworking of Suicide’s seminal shriek, “Frankie Teardrop”.


ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Cornstar Farmer’s Market Pornstar Coinstar…

It goes, it  goes, it goes, it goes something like this, if we see Chicago’s finest Lovely Little Girls playing a gig then we know we need to go check out whoever it is they’re playing with. Lovely Little Girls always play on interesting bills and this one next week looks as wholesome as any of them. The gig may be happening a million and twelve miles away over there in Chicago Illinois, bu that doesn’t mean you can’t check out the descriptions from whoever posted the gig information up, along with the downloadable earfood from said wholesome looking bands via the Bandcamp things we just helpfully posted for you. One day in the far off distant future, you’ll thanks us for all this (did we see the Cardiacs edition of Organ we put out back in ’93 selling for £100 on ebay this week?)


First up, Paper Mice


“Paper Mice is a three-piece whirligig from Chicago that blends a freakish range of influences into miniature, prog-punk puzzles. The band is a fixture in Chicago’s tight-knit DIY community, performing their high-wire “stop-start mess of rhythmic tics and awkward face plants” for dance-soaked warehouse hounds throughout the Midwest and East Coast since 2007. Their first album, “Paint it Pink,” featured sixteen short, spastic songs about bizarre news stories, botched surgeries, and hirsute politicians. The follow-up, “The Funny Papers, continues the band’s jagged jaunt through the world of current events with eleven tracks about canine heroes, fast-food meltdowns, and Dolly Parton. The album was completed over three days in an elementary school gymnasium-turned giant, temporary recording studio. The comic artist, Paul Hornschemeier, designed and illustrated the album’s artwork. Two of the band members are music teachers, devoted to spreading their love of musical fun and mayhem to America’s youth. They love animals”.

Second up, a band we’ve warned you about before, Bukkake Moms

“Jarring, unhinged and diabolical would be a great place to start. The music is forever shifting in tempo and structure, from blast beats to no-wavey disco beats to an utter cacophony bukkaked with saxophone squeals, disjointed guitars, noise, piano, narrated with ridiculous lyrics about grandpa getting high on trash and having sex toys extracted from your eye sockets”.

Third up, Organ favourites Lovely Little Girls


Lovely Little Girls is a nine-piece theatrical art/prog band that delves into the grotesque. From subject matter that explores absurd sex, ridiculous gluttony, abject failure, and unceremonious death, Lovely Little Girls morphs rock forms into abstract black humor narratives. The band’s 2012 LP Cleaning the Filth From a Delicate Frame (Skin Graft Records) uses show-tunes as a starting point, focusing on abstract storytelling through convoluted structure, odd melodies, and multiple voices/narrators. It’s Jesus Christ Superstar filtered through Dada, Captain Beefheart, Fred Frith, and Magma.


And finally, Cornstar Farmer’s Market Pornstar Coinstar



“Cornstar Farmer’s Market Pornstar Coinstar, A total disjointed no-wave dance explosion all over your face!”



And just in case you are reading this in Chicago then here – FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

#‎365ArtDrops‬ Part 127. Painted on a found piece of hardwood, and now hanging on a wall in an East London park waiting for…


ORGAN THING: Death Grips opened the first night of their Post-“Breakup” Tour last night..

So anyway, Death Grips just played the first show of their Post-“Breakup” Tour. It happened in Seattle, eleven months after they “called it quits”, no band ever calls it quits, nothing ever ends, here it comes, all red and ready, it goes it goes it goes something like this….




Meanwhile, #365ArtDrops part 123, under a railway bridge in East London…. they go, hey go, they go…

#365ArtDrops part 123

#365ArtDrops part 123

ORGAN THINGS: Max Richter’s eight hour sleep, stream the new Orb album in full, some Grimm Grimm, Lark’s Closing Time…

Organ thing? Things? Ducks and drakes, a bag load of music? Bits of this and bites of that and ding ding ding… “Acclaimed British composer Max Richter has written a ground-breaking piece of work, which is thought to be the longest single piece of music ever recorded” His new album Sleep is an eight-hour Lullaby. An exploration of music, consciousness and human connectivity – and is actually intended to send the listener to sleep. More here


“One of Britain’s leading contemporary composers has written what is thought to be the longest single piece of music ever to be recorded. SLEEP is eight hours long – and is genuinely intended to send the listener to sleep.

max-richter“It’s an eight-hour lullaby,” says its composer, Max Richter.

The landmark work is scored for piano, strings, electronics and vocals – but no words. “It’s my personal lullaby for a frenetic world,” he says. “A manifesto for a slower pace of existence.”

SLEEP will receive its world premiere this September in Berlin, in a concert performance lasting from 12 midnight to 8am at which the audience will be given beds instead of seats and programmes. The eight-hour version will be available as a digital album, and for those who prefer it, a one-hour adaptation of the work – from SLEEP – will be released on CD, vinyl, download, and streaming formats, all through Deutsche Grammophon, on 4 September.

“You could say that the short one is meant to be listened to and the long one is meant to be heard while sleeping,” says Richter, who describes the one-hour version as “a series of windows opening into the big piece”.

max+richter-sleepRichter has most recently enjoyed acclaim at the Royal Opera House in London for his “lavishly atmospheric score” (The Guardian) for Wayne McGregor’s ballet Woolf Works. Influenced equally by post-rock, classical music and the electronic avant-garde, he has composed and released five solo albums and “recomposed” Vivaldi’s Four Seasons for a best-selling album in 2012.

Richter does not expect anyone to sit down and listen to SLEEP in its entirety, although some surely will. “It’s really an experiment to try and understand how we experience music in different states of consciousness.” He says he came up with the idea because of a long-standing fascination: “Sleeping is one of the most important things we all do,” he says. “We spend a third of our lives asleep and it’s always been one of my favourite things, ever since I was a child.”

He consulted eminent American neuroscientist David Eagleman while composing, to learn more about how the human brain functions while sleeping. “For me, SLEEP is an attempt to see how that space when your conscious mind is on holiday can be a place for music to live.”

Coinciding as it does with the renewed interest in durational works within the fine art community, Richter says: “This isn’t something new in music, it goes back to Cage, Terry Riley, and LaMonte Young,  and it’s coming around again partly as a reaction to our speeded-up lives – we are all in need of a pause button.”

Richter adds, “I’m perpetually curious about performance conventions in classical music, our rigid rules that dictate how and what music we can appreciate. Somehow in Europe over the last century, as complexity and inaccessibility in music became equated with intelligence and the avant-garde, we lost something along the way. Modernism gave us so many stunning works but we also lost our lullabies. We lost a shared communion in sound. Audiences have dwindled. All my pieces over the last few years have been exploring this, as does SLEEP. It’s a very deliberate political statement for me.”

A cat who sent out his human to buy some art

A cat who sent out his human to buy some art

Grimm Grimm‘s debut album ‘Hazy Eyes Maybe’ is due out June 29th 2015 through ATP Recordings, here#s something shot up the road at the Dentist, Chatworth Road actually, Hackney (or is it Clapton), a film directed by Daisy Dickinson


Meanwhile, Lark’s new deconstruction of Leonard Cohen’s Closing Time, a piece of work released ahead of this Month’s new album from painter Karl Bielik and his East London band. The track is available as a pay what you want download. The new album from Lark, ‘Funny Man’ is out on Friday 10th July 2015 on Standard Lamp Records and will be available on CD, as a Download or on Vinyl.


The new ORB album, Moonbuilding 2703 is out on Monday, here’s a stream


here’s the blurb direct from the record label, you’ve got the earfood up there, you don’t need anything else from us do you?

“Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann AKA veritable pioneers of electronic music The Orb return to Kompakt with the new full-length ‘MOONBUILDING 2703 AD’. the album is a major piece of psychedelic synth bliss, obscure loops and deep ambient textures, driven by swinging breakbeats and powerful basslines.

Or, as Alex says in his own words, “it’s a solid piece of music that mutates into an eight legged lunar Land Rover and takes off into a cosmic horizon of a million sounds, patterns and textures. It spins the listener on his/her head, rewiring their brains to maximum capacity, then brings them home, sweet home.”

“‘MOONBUILDING 2703 AD’ is inspired by this place called earth and the idea that in the future mankind discovers its root element in the ancient rocks on solar moons, which are based on musical harmonies, that despite being imprinted a billion lights years ago, are set to the same tempo as the Orb”, he adds.

On the creative atmosphere in the studio, Thomas Fehlmann states, “this album and the process of its production makes me feel real good.  An important part of the excitement is that our working system has reached a level where we are closer than ever to an automatic recognition of each other’s ideas, and ways to transform those into sound without explanation, so we could draw directly from our creative engines.”

Installing a forward momentum rather unusual for a genre-defying project like this, the latest effort from these sonic masterminds follows their 2005 album on Kompakt, the cheekily named ‘Okie Dokie It’s The Orb On Kompakt’, plus  several contributions to its ‘Speicher’ and ‘Pop Ambient’ series. But, more importantly, it finds the legendary duo at the peak of their creativity, ringing in another essential phase in a ground-breaking career.
The new offering features a small track list, but turns each one of its four cuts into a mini epic in its own right. Opener ‘GOD’S MIRRORBALL’ hits the ground floating, employing a handful of cosy statics to great effect before finally discharging into an intricate mosaic of atmospheric melodic sketches and gripping rhythms. With a hypnotic runtime of more than fourteen minutes, it immediately establishes a blueprint for the other album tracks to follow, perfectly illustrating the vast extent of the artists’ vision and their impressive skills in luring in listeners.
Likewise, second track ‘MOON SCAPES 2703 BC’ presents itself as a uniquely versatile affair, sitting comfortably between ambient flourishes and beat-driven focus, holding as many twists and turns as a caper movie, but carefully grounding every single one of its cliffhangers in its impeccable flow. With a runtime of approximately nine  minutes, ‘LUNAR CAVES’ is the shortest jam of the bunch – and also the most ethereal, keeping its rhythmic content to a bare, pulse-like minimum and opting for enticing,

freewheeling synth textures instead. Album closer and title cut ‘MOONBUILDING 2703 AD’ introduces a surprisingly jazzy vibe mingling rather well with the wealth of electronic tricks – even indulging in abrasive bass sweeps and a breathtaking multitude of different rhythm sections, that constantly switch places. It’s a fitting closing act for a full-length as multifaceted as this, as idiosyncratic as possible and as muscling as needed. Welcome to The Orb’s aural labyrinth, where nothing is what it seems and the unexpected waits just around the corner”

here’s a photos of some old Organs that are being sold for silly prices on Ebay….

Back in the hand painted 90's

Back in the hand painted 90’s

.More tomorrow…. maybe