ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Cardiacs, a rehearsal of An Ant…

A new Cardiacs video (of a very old track) has just been officially posted, part of rehearsal footage filmed something like ten years ago now …. a raw early track, probably just about as straightforward as Cardiacs ever got….

Cardiacs rehearsing early material in preparation for the secret Bull & Gate shows In London. This track and others from the same session can be found on The Special Garage Concerts: Volumes I and II: Double CD available from the Cardiacs on-line shop.

And here’s some previously posted footage from the same time….



Cardiacs - Seaside Treats



ORGAN THINGS? No time, Pez in the West, what price in the East…

Things, no time today…  Lot of street flavoured art happening on West London gallery walls today, not that we want to start that debate this morning, Pez always makes us smile, well since 1999 (as he likes to point out), Pez has a show opening over at Westbank Gallery. And we covered Mr Naz and his Last Ride show that opens tonight here a couple of days ago  There some free albums from Earache here, Wormrot and such, worth  quick mention in passing… Of course if you’re in East London today and this weekend, then What Price Art?  What price indeed?  This has been an even more rushed slice of Organ than usual… come feed the duck//

pez_westbankIt hopefully goes without saying that Cultivate is open as usual today down sunny Vyner Street. This week with the What Price Art show where you get to name the price and whatever you say goes…. open today and all weekend from 11.30am until 6pm with our ever evolving walls and such… this show, then I’ll Be Back in Five Minutes…. then… This Sean Worrall piece painted in a wooded table top will be part of the show today, yours for the price you wish to pay…  trumpet blowing there, a very dirty job but someone’s got to do it…. What Price Art? 


Hackney, East London, Aug 2014

Hackney, East London, Aug 2014


ORGAN THING: Dude Incredible, New Shellac…

Things? Is it all our fault? What is it anyway? “It”? new Shellac album just emerged, that has to be a good thing right? A good old school bulshit-free good thing….


New Shellac, if you feel the need to need to have it, then here’s where you find it “

“This is Shellac’s fifth LP. Recording took place sporadically over the past few years at Steve’s ELECTRICAL AUDIO studios in Chicago. The record was mastered by Steve Rooke at ABBEY ROAD. There is no comma in ‘Dude Incredible’; like Sir Duke or King Friday, for example. The album was released on 180 gram vinyl, CD, and digitally in full-bandwidth 24-bit files”.




ORGAN THING: What price art? This week you get to say….


Organ trumpet blowing thing of the day today, everything comes with a price and thing week you get to say what that price is….


SEAN WORRALL & Guests – WHAT PRICE ART? An art event at Cultivate, Vyner Street, London, E2.

What price art? An event where you name the price and there is no debate….. An original piece of art for the price of a pint or a cake or a house or a horse or…. What price art?

From Thursday 18th September until Sunday 21st September one half of the ever evolving art space called Cultivate will be devoted to another What Price Art event. The event starts at 11.30am and the gallery is open 11.30am until 6pm from Thursday until Sunday.

For one last time in Vyner Street, Sean Worrall and a number of guests will show a selection of work, all work will be on sale, none of the pieces will be priced. Viewers can name their own price on any of the pieces, there will be no debate, whatever the viewer offers for a piece of work will be the price accepted and the viewer/buyer can take away the piece for the price they wish to pay.

galleryemma2There will be no discussion, no debate, I shall be delighted to see you leaving with a piece of art exchanged for whatever you think is fair or or indeed for a price that that you think you can afford. Original art for everyone who would like a piece.

If you think it too intimidating then please please don’t be, this is a relaxed event, we are happy for you to leave with a piece, and do remember, I have left hundreds of pieces of art out for free this year around places like the Hackney WickED art festival, the Folkestone Fringe, around the streets and canal banks of London, the Liverpool Biennial and beyond, I am happy for you to pay a little (or as much) as you like.

If you don’t want to name a price in the gallery with one of us standing there then fine, we can understand that, instead put your payment in an envelope before hand (or in one of the envelopes provided and we shall take your envelope and not look in the envelope until you have left with your piece of art.

zz_today19Come buy a piece of art for as little as £1 (or less) or as much as £1000 (or more), or just come have a look anyway, we run an art gallery, not a shop!.

The only rule is no more than one piece per person. If you wish to buy a second piece then we will reserve the right to say no.

A percentage of the money made will go towards the evolution of Cultivate, a percentage to St Joseph’s Hospice, you find St Joseph’s around the corner from us in Vyner Street and we believe those who run art spaces, galleries should join in with the community, not take over the community, and yes a percentage will go to the artists (I need to buy fresh paint and maybe some food, paint doesn’t taste nice).

What price art?




ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: More Clipping, more eyefood, more seaside, inside out…



Monday things bleeding in ot Tuesday, let’s escape to this Organ page for a minute and throw some new Clipping eye candy around. L.A’s Clipping are now on Sub Pop of course, they’ve been covered here lots over the last couple of years, some of you like that fact, some don’t

clipping. makes party music for the club you wish you hadn’t gone to, the car you don’t remember getting in, and the streets you don’t feel safe on; are phantom broadcasts bleeding into Power 106 as you drive out of range; are twenty different rappers looking into one broken mirror, talking to themselves all at once; are classic west coast rap music out of the tradition where sounding different wasn’t cause for fear” (Press release for Midcity, September 2012)”.

CLIPPING. DROP “INSIDE OUT” MUSIC VIDEO – Returning to work with director Carlos Lopez Estrada, the man behind the “work work” music video, “Inside Out” is the most comic visual accompaniment clipping. has had yet. The track is one of clipping.’s biggest live hits, combining their interest in harsher noise with one of the catchiest hooks/melodies they’ve ever done. Fantastic for their to be a cool music video for it now! Clipping are currently on tour, check out the full dates on their website”.






ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Street artist and life-affirming inspiration Ben Naz lines up One Last Ride

bennaz_onelasrI can’t remember where I first encountered Ben Naz, he’s shared our gallery walls at Cultivate on numerous occasions over the past three years, we’ve shared walls in other places, counted him as a friend as well as a fellow artist for quite some time now. Always delighted to share space with Ben, with his energy, his infectious enthusiasm and his unbelievable attitude when it comes to living every second of his life. Every single time Ben, and his partner Carol, come in to Cultivate to deliver art or to check out the work of someone else, they come in with the biggest of defiant smiles, Ben comes in and lights up the place with his inspiring attitude and his love for creating, for painting, for living.

For as long as I can remember Ben has been battle the most ridiculous onslaught of life-threatening cancer, he’s taken it all head on, he’s always unbelievably brilliant.  Ben lives to paint, he seems to paint more than anyone I know, and this week he celebrates life and painting and just getting out there and doing it with a solo show at the Graffik Gallery over in Portobello Road, West London..  Ben is an inspiration, it is a pleasure to know the man (Sean Worrall)

Ben Naz‘s solo show One Last Ride opens this Thursday evening, 18th September at Graffik Gallery, 284 Portobello Road, London W10

“One Last Ride”

A Solo Show by

Ben Naz
“Expression is a basic synonym for art, and that there is plenty of in Ben Naz’s work and it could not be more clearer in the body of work which Ben has produced for his upcoming solo show ‘One Last Ride’ at Graffik Gallery, Portobello Road.
With a mixed heritage (France & Philippines) Ben moved back to the Philippines in the early 1980s as a young boy, this was at a time when the country was in a most tumultuous state. Being artistically inclined meant that it was only natural for Ben to express his socio-political angst through his art. It was inevitable that Ben would choose a peripheral form of art which was going to not only challenge the world around him in its statements but also push the boundaries in terms in what would be accepted as ‘art’ in the unbound realm of art. Therefore ‘street art’ has always been Ben’s realm and rule it he does indeed. From Los Angeles to the Far East Ben Naz is recognised as a one of the foremost characters in the street art world”.  Oliver Cox, Director & Curator of Graffik Gallery, is proud to present to you ‘One Last Ride’ a solo show by Ben Naz.

ORGAN THINGS: So who are Piss? No time for things? What price art? Neneh Cherry & The Thing

wicksat18Shall we have a thing today, or a string, a string of things?  A string of means, of beans, of runner beans, a string driven thing, the thing, The Thing? Thing is, hang on, let’s have some Thing…. There’s been no time for things, what with all the things happening right now, paint comes before words and this week lots of other things have had to as well. This week has mostly been about painting fresh growth on found packing cases, that and leaving things….

WHAT PRICE ART? Today and for this weekend at Cultivate, you set the price on ALL my work that is in or indeed outside the space – You can name the price today on any of my pieces in the gallery and I will accept the offer with no discussion, no debate and no reaction other than to take your price and hand over the work. Only rule is no more than one piece per person. This included the big packing case pieces painted this week


Things? No time, here’s some Thing….


….thing is, what about things? No time for things, never mind that, Play Some Flipping Stooges, here’s more things….



So who are PISS? Piss are a raging blasting blistering hardcore car crash of a delight, proper stuff, they’re from Berlin and they play London this Sunday night, 14th September, catch them at Power Lunches, Kingsland Road,  Dalston, alongside PREGNANCY SCARES,  DIAGNOSIS BASTARD and DETERGENTS – an Organ recommended gig over on the ever useful London Gigs website – don’t know too much about the rest of the bill, love the sound of Piss though….



Neneh Cherry & The Thing ”A Tribute to Don Cherry” – Jazzaldia 2012 Musicians: NENEH CHERRY – voice, MATS GUSTAFSSON – tenor & baritone sax, live electronics, INGEBRIGT HÅKER FLATEN – double bass, electric bass, PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE – drums Filmed at the 47th Jazzaldia, Festival de Jazz de San Sebastián, 23 Julio 2012, Plaza de la Trinidad, Donosti, Spain

Normal service may or may not return tomorrow, here’s some packing cases, what price art?



ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: ISH at Herrick Gallery, Matteo Fogale and Laetitia De Allegri are joining forces with a…

Now this does look interesting, interesting is good, good design is good, textile design is good good good….

Matteo Fogale and Laetitia De Allegri are joining forces with a show exploring the perception of materials and their properties. A collection of furniture pieces emphasising the illusion and beauty of stone-like materials entirely made from recycled and reclaimed post-industrial waste.



Exhibition: 13th – 21st September 2014
Opening night: Thursday 11th September 6-9pm
Shoreditch Design Triangle late: Tuesday 16th September 6-9pm
Gallery opening times: Mon – Sat 11am – 6pm (Tues 11am – 9pm) & Sun 12pm – 5pm

Herrick Gallery is proud to present an exhibition by Matteo Fogale and Laetitia De Allegri who are joining forces for this year’s London Design Festival and Shoreditch Design Triangle with -ISH, a show exploring the perception of materials and their properties. A collection of pieces emphasizing the illusion and beauty of stone-like materials whilst entirely made from recycled and reclaimed post-industrial waste. The exhibition will showcase the result of this new collaboration expressing the common interest in sustainable sources and new aesthetics on design.

m-fogale_l-de‘We are interested to work with materials that help preserve our environment with elegance and cleverness. Our challenge will be to design furniture and accessories around those materials trying to push the boundaries of each of them. We also love the poetic aspect that is behind this materials and their traditional source of inspiration’.

‘Slate-ish’ is a material that resembles stone, but is made in the US from recycled and reclaimed sources of paper-laminate. Not only is it lightweight, it is also strong, durable, and easy to install. ‘Denimite’ is made from post-consumer and post-industrial denim scrap, recycled denim fiber material. Every piece is unique, this is a cotton fiber biocomposite that is highly moldable, lightweight and tough, with no offgassing of toxic chemicals. ‘Marblus’ is made from white cotton/polyester post-industrial scrap. This scrap material is plentiful, and gives a great source for a white-based composite. This fabric is used for sheets, clothing, and various other fabric products. The trimmings are shredded and the combination of fabrics give a wonderful blue/gray tone mixed with white, looking much like Carrara Marble. And the list continues, Iris Industries specializes in the development and commercialization of sustainable composites using renewable bio-based components blended with recycled and reclaimed materials.

PrintMatteo Fogale, born in Montevideo (Uruguay) moved to Italy in 2001 where he studied Industrial Design at IUAV University of Venice. After working on a variety of projects, from high-end furniture design, industrial product design and bespoke commissions pieces with design studios like Patricia Urquiola, Nichetto and Partners, BarberOsgerby and MAP he established brose~fogale a London-based design studio in collaboration with Joscha Brose. Working in the fields of interior and product design, bespoke furniture and installations led by a design approach that considers honest and premium materials, functionality and longevity of the product. The result is a combination of everyday objects reinterpreted with a strong iconic character.

Swiss-born Laetitia de Allegri graduated from ECAL in 2004 (Industrial/ Product Design BA) and joined Barber Osgerby where she worked for six years. Since 2010 she has been freelancing with Barber Osgerby, Marc Newson, Tom Dixon and Alexander Taylor working from industrial products and furniture design to interior projects both in private and public commissions. With a strong focus on graphics, particularly within the field of textiles and rugs, specializing in pattern, colour and texture. In 2013 she also started a new collaboration with Eva Feldkamp under the name of de Allegri/Feldkamp. Their projects align feminine sensibility with technical knowledge across the disciplines of graphics, textiles, product design and interior.

London Design Festival  / Herrick Gallery

Herrick Gallery, 1, French Place, London, E1 6JB


ORGAN: Sad news this morning with the reported passing of former Primal Scream guitarist Robert “Throb” Young

Sad news this morning with the reported passing of Former Primal Scream guitarist Robert “Throb” Young.   A big part in one of the finest bands ever….

“Former Primal Scream guitarist Robert “Throb” Young has died, the band’s publicist has confirmed. Though there has been no official statement from the band itself, former Scream collaborators and friends have Tweeted their sadness, and a poster who appears to be former Scream bassist Mani posted the news to a Primal Scream messageboard.

“Robert young , AKA the throb, passed away this weekend in hove. Truly devastating news,” posted “Mr Gary” on the Primal Scream Forum. Mani’s wife. Imelda Mountfield also tweeted the news: “Beyond sadness today , RIP to the one and only Throb , over to the other side brother , we’ll love you forever . Melds n mani xx xx.” (TheGuardian)

primalscream_throbScream team … Robert Young (left) and Bobby Gillespie in 1987. (Photograph: Bleddyn Butcher)

Read the full Guardian news feature here



ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Jonesy in East London, Toupée in Chicago, a piece left in Folkestone…

Folkstone, 2014

SW – Folkestone, 2014

Arms out, never mind, yesterday’s news, today’s chip paper, time and tide waits for no one, and as Rothko put it yesterday, we don’t do this for the music industry and business heads, we do it for the human beings. Rothko, what a glorious man, never a compromise or a painting hanging where people are eating like pigs. Not that we have anything against pigs, just those like pigs in New York restaurants or those who want our lips without looking at them. Nice eyes said the collector of things, as the red paint fell over yesterday’s page of things. Things?  Past a couple of Jonesy pieces today whilst out in the East London late summer sun dealing with things you don’t really need to know about   There’s another one left in Folkestone during the Fringe



Fifth Wall made this rather beautiful video, I kind of like the unforced innocence of it all, street art is such a forced business these days – “In the winter of 2013 we explored the depths of artists and sculptor Jonesy. This is the first time anyone’s been given access to Jonesy’s amazing East London studio and it’s been an absolute pleasure to be the first to get behind such a talented artist”.

Toupée…one of the best in Chicago right now. wowza! They have gotten incredibly good, and this video really shows what a great frontwoman Couteau L. Sang is” said Lovely Little Girls driving force Gregory Jacobsen .


Every year, a few dozens bands descend upon the small mountain town of Missoula, Montana with blunt force. Total Fest is a multi-day music festival. Toupée, one of the best bands from Chicago, kicked off their final day in 2014. Here are some new songs, and “Cranial Walker” off their excellent debut, “Dinner Parties”. Filmed at the Badlander. /  / /