ORGAN: Bristol’s Tempting Failure has grown to represent a showcase of the best Live Art, Noise Art & Performance Art from…

Tempting Failure 2014 v3Tempting Failure 2014, coming up next week…

Now in its third year and running across the city of Bristol from the 3rd until 8th November.

“Tempting Failure has grown to represent a showcase of the best Live Art, Noise Art &
Performance Art from new to established artists    This November, Tempting Failure will host 50 artists, celebrating not only the best of the South West and the UK, but also bringing to Bristol artists from USA, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Thailand, Denmark, Columbia, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Canada.

TF works with artists at all stages of their career; nurturing & supporting growth, while
providing each with an outlet to challenge preconceptions of artistic practice in a variety of
forms. Tempting Failure celebrates raw & rare enquires that allow artists freedom to express themselves in a manner that may touch upon risk, transgression or failure.



Tempting Failure will run a free entry programme suitable for all ages. It features three walking pieces in various parts of the city, including The Bear Pit; two of which are productions by local South West artists, AMINAL & Tom Marshman. There will be a permanent site responsive artwork by the internationally acclaimed William Costa & Jasmin Schiatl in the Edwardian Cloakroom. While a free programme of workshops are being run by the renown Joke Lanz & TF Family artist, Helena Sands. VestAndPage will also bring an exclusive 24 hour intensive workshop like no other! Then throughout the week the Live Art Development Agency archive will be made available at The Birdcage in a wonderfully unique and exciting way. And on the morning of 7th & 8th artists, critics and academics alike will be taking part in free talks and panel discussions.  The week long programme concludes with a spectacular celebration of some the best and most unique artwork, in two nights at The Island on the 7th & 8th. These events in the former city police station take advantage of this wonderful venue by allowing audiences to immerse themselves; discovering performances in the old cells, holding spaces, exercise yards and more. Each night will be headlined by two international acts: Joke Lanz on Friday 7th and Hancock & Kelly on Saturday 8th. These last two nights are strictly over 18 (Tickets £15 – £30), and will certainly dazzle & challenge all of your senses!

William “Bilwa” Costa &  Jasmin Schaitl -  collaboration: failure (photo: Agnieszka Pokrywka)

William “Bilwa” Costa & Jasmin Schaitl -
collaboration: failure (photo: Agnieszka Pokrywka)

Tempting Failure is a not for profit platform. It pays every artist it programmes. We are only
charging for tickets on the last two nights, and hope that audiences will take to this new, exciting model of sharing artwork by electing to buy a ticket to 7th – 8th November. Each ticket sold directly supports all 50 artists across the entire week of free events.

Featured Artists include: Joke Lanz, Hancock & Kelly, Chelsea Coon, Rachel Parry, FK Alexander, NW, Dan Copper with Party Levitation, Tom Pope, Clive Henry & Yol, Thomas John Bacon & Lee Chaos, Matthew Sergeant & Emma Lloyd, AMINAL, Katy Baird, Will Slater, and many more….

Tempting Failure will be at the following venues:The Island, The Birdcage, Edwardian Cloakroom, The Bear Pit, The streets of Bristol City, and a very secret location.
Tickets for the last two nights can be purchased by visiting, Bristol Ticket Shop in person or online via

Here’s the link for full programme details, and here’s the full website


ORGAN THINGS: Some goodlooking Brian Eno, a touch of Robert Fripp and some new Guerilla Toss

Where were we? Did we ask that yesterday? We ask it most days. Today we have places to be and one of those places is not hanging around here sharing art, music and explaining to Americans what those Sleaford Mods are on about. Here’s some Brian Eno, really like the artwork, I like my music to come wrapped in good artwork….  Here’s a taste of some tracks that are coming out as part of a Brian Eno box set (on All Saints), previously unreleased I do believe, not entirely sure… you have the links down there, go see what the score is, Hang on, here’s some info

“check out music from the forthcoming Eno reissues – the lead track from 1992’s Nerve Net (recorded with Robert Fripp and others), and one of the unreleased bonus tracks that comes with the expanded edition of The Shutov Assembly”


EnoReissueCombinedPacksBrian Eno Links:

All Saints Links:

And here, befroe we go, have some new Guerilla Toss, a new EP they’re releasing to tie in with a European tour that includes a UK date in London, at the Old Blue Last on November 25th….


ORGAN THINGS: Drunken Sufis, C’mon Tigre, Drone Wars, Spit the Dog on a string?

drunken1Wednesday, what we going to do today Brain? Same as we do every day, all gone wrong? Land that time forgot? Dinosaurs stuck on which street? Drunken Sufis are from New York, they released a new album last week (and added some tags as they went fishing for ears: experimental ambient punk atonal post-punk nano punk shamanic punk New York) .Track five is our favourite, if we have a favourite, do we have a favourite? Tiswas? OTT? Spit the Dog on a string? Crap jokes? Anarchy? Better than everyday robots whatever you say….


Meanwhile, “a year ago I was photographed in my studio and interviewed about my Shoreditch history for this exciting book…” said Alice Herrick, more of what Alice is on about and making something out of nothing over at Red Gallery


a year ago I was photographed in my studio and interviewed about something completely different.  Tiswaz? OTT, Compost corner? At the disposal of gravity? The service is quite rough


“Federation Tunisienne de Football”, a new song from C’mon Tigre and a video to go with it that has been animated, painted & directed by the Italian artist Gianluigi Toccafondo –  there is no keyframing, no filters no post production, over 5000 frames hand painted. Toccafondo has recently gained huge popularity thanks to the three minute animation footage that opens Ridley Scott’s new feature film Robin Hood.

Now this is the one, that one up there was good, this one is a little more formed and focused, actually these drunken New Yorkers sound rather brilliant.  This is good good good, they don’t drone and…. well there it is, go get drunk, Drunken Sufis





R.I.P Street artist Ben Naz, it was a privilege to know you…

bennaz_oneReally really sorry to hear about the passing of Ben Naz this morning, what a wonderful human.  It was an honour to know and work with him, an inspiration, a pleasure, and a person who will never be forgotten by those who were lucky enough to get to know him a little .  His determination to keep on fighting and painting right up until the last-minute, to keep on getting out to shows, to be in shows, to be out there on the street painting, doing, smiling, being positive…  What a wonderfully inspiring human being and what a privilege it was to know him and show his work on our walls at Cultivate, it was always a pleasure to do so, . Our thoughts are with Ben’s family and friends, thanks for everything Ben, rest in peace .      (sw)

BEN NAZ - (photo: Jeremy Mosley)

BEN NAZ – (photo: Jeremy Mosley)




ORGAN: London artist DARREN COFFIELD’s latest show, Psycho, opens this coming Friday Evening at The Residence gallery

dc_psycho_studyDARREN COFFIELD’s latest show, Psycho, opens this coming Friday Evening at The Residence gallery here in East London.  Hopefully refreshed after his his summer of Factual Nonsense and the excellent Fate Worse Than Death celebrations of Joshua Compston over in  Rivington street earlier this fine and creative year. 

“Darren Coffield’s Paradox Portraits are a superb product of art and science at its most exciting. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and in themselves, works of art, but they excite the mind with what can be perceived, in social psychology terms as a manipulation of perception.” – Dr. Henrietta Bowden-Jones, MRCPsych, BA(Hons), DOccMed, MD(Imperial), Government Advisor and Consultant Psychiatrist.


a) A psychotic, someone suffering from a form of psychosis

b) Alfred Hitchcock’s horror masterpiece psycho (1960) accredited with signifying the birth of the slasher movie.

c) A psychobilly, someone affiliated with psychobilly culture, fashion and music

“The Residence gallery is proud to present Darren Coffield’s Psycho. These are artworks with a psychological twist, literally, as eyes are set in chins and mouths hover under the brows.

dc_Red-Skull_56x76cmUsing Alfred Hitchcock and his masterpiece as a starting point, the pictures and ceramics explore the themes of celebrity, identity, representational function and perception. These works subvert the viewer’s instinctive faculties for reading human features to create some of the most stimulating portraits of recent years. There is a paradox and psychological trigger as the viewer struggles for a brief second to interpret the information that an inverted face relays to the brain, prompting a personal reassessment of one of the most basic and instinctive human reflexes: the ability to read another human face. The portraits eschew the duality and paradox of the human condition.

These are paradox portraits…

Urban dictionary: Psycho Paradox

1. Someone who acts a certain way to hide who they really are 2. A fake person  3. A psychotic person who acts normal “Anne is a psycho paradox. She wants you to think she’s all that, but she’s really an insecure bitch.”

Coffield explains: “There is now an excessive exposure to faces in the media. We see in the media faces that have been idealised, manipulated and touched up. When viewed, the face creates in the mind a kind of Orwellian doublethink. We know that we are viewing a manipulated ‘untruth’ and yet we hold the image to be true, a notion of beauty to obtain or aspire to. The face has a strong social, cultural and historical role. An inverted face is not only difficult to recognise but repositions our sensitivity to the spatial relationships between human features. Here, facial features become strange constellations of communication, whilst new facial recognition patterns emerge.”

These works are not a simple, formulaic inversion of the features, but a sensitive reinterpretation of the physiognomy. Like any intelligent portrait they have a dynamic aesthetic, individually tailored to reflect the personality of the subject. Critic David Sylvester, known for his championing of his close friends Alberto Giacometti, Francis Bacon and Lucien Freud, and described in his Guardian obituary as “one of the finest writers on art in the second half of the twentieth century,” admired Coffield’s style of painting and described him as “Another of those magicians who (probably without knowing) know how to imbue pieces of matter with light.”

In the 175 years or so since the invention of photography, the function of the painted portrait has evolved from its purpose as accurate documentary representation to a more fluid, interpretive role. Technology has progressed but it is facial recognition, the way in which our features are arranged, that still forms the basis of digital and security systems. We intuitively identify faces from birth, expressing ourselves and monitoring others by the slightest change of expression. We interpret any two random circles with a line underneath as a face, the ubiquitous “smiley” for example. It is these primeval conventions that Coffield questions and reinterprets to great effect.

dc_EpisodicalThroughout his career Coffield has from time to time explored the possibilities of the often-overlooked genre of portraiture. In 2003 his controversial portrait of Ivan Massow, former chairman of the ICA in full fox hunting costume was exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Portraits of George Galloway and Molly Parkin (NPG, 2010) followed.

In the early nineties Coffield collaborated with Joshua Compston on the formation of Factual Nonsense, a gallery in Shoreditch that became the centre of the emerging Young British Artists scene. The list of participants reads like a Who’s Who of young British art, including: Matt Collishaw, Tracey Emin, Angus Fairhurst, Gilbert & George, Damien Hirst, Gary Hume, Sarah Lucas, Gavin Turk, Gillian Wearing, Sue Webster and Tim Noble. Coffield has written a new book about this exciting period in British Art, “Factual Nonsense: The Art and death of Joshua Compston” published last year.

Darren Coffield was born in London in 1969 and studied at Goldsmiths College, Camberwell School of Art and the Slade School of Art in London. He has exhibited widely in the company of many leading artists including Damien Hirst, Howard Hodgkin, Patrick Caulfield and Gilbert and George at venues ranging from the Courtauld Institute, Somerset House to Voloshin Museum, Crimea. Darren Coffield is the only artist to be shortlisted for three major UK painting competitions in the same year: The John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize; The BP Portrait Award at The National Portrait Gallery and The Threadneedle Prize. His work can be found in collections around the world. Coffield lives and works in London.

FURTHER READING: There’s an interview with Darren Coffield here on the Designboo pages.

The private view at Residence is on 31st October, 7pm – 9:30pm. The exhibition continues through to 24 December, 2014 Open Wed. – Sat. 11am – 6pm, Sun. 12 – 5pm.  The gallery 229 Victoria Park Road, London, E9 7HD

ORGAN THING: Dean Blunt, New Paintings, Schizo-Culture, Cracks in the Street over at Space…

Went to have a look at the Dean Blunt show over at Space earlier today. A passing Twitter post enticed us over, you’d never know it was on if you just happened to be passing the Mare Street gallery – Dean Blunt: New npr22Paintings – A solo exhibition of work by the London-based artist. /// the good die young ball in heaven – a man with jeans on his mind or so it seems, expensive Japanese jeans, Evisu. There’s not much information, he’s not big on explanations, he sounds like he likes his Warm Leatherette lines as much as his iconic fashion contradictions?.

An artist? A musician?  A commentator? Pop art? Black Metal? Black rain? He’s almost as intriguingly vague as the Vague-like publications fly-posted on the walls of the second (unrelated) exhibition in the back room and stairwell of Space, a second exhibition that you have to walk through Blunt’s sparse (and very polished) room to get to.

“Dean Blunt has revealed that his next record will come out on Rough Trade sometime this year, titled Black Metal. Though it’s not clear if the record is an album, single or EP, it looks set to include new track ‘Mersh’…” Actually, Rough Trade say the record will be out a at the start of November, looks like a full album

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

.There’s a Fact interview with Blunt here. The (vague) background information brings the walls of Space to life a little more, not too much, he doesn’t seem to want to give too much away, kind of like the way he doesn’t. .Here’s a mix tape to download (well not a tape but the spirit of a tape, you know what we mean…) …

Blunt curiosity (and a twitter prompt) took us to Space, had no idea about Schizo-Culture… Here’s what Space have to say about Schizo-Culture…



“A project taking the seminal 1975 event Schizo-Culture: On Prisons and Madness as its point of departure.

Cracks in the state of things, in the state of places, in the state of norms… Cracks leading us despite ourselves to new social practices and to new aesthetic practices which will re­veal themselves as less and less separate from each other and more and more in complic­ity…

- Felix Guattari, Cracks in the Street, Flash Art, 1987.

SPACE is proud to present an exhibition and event series taking the seminal 1975 event: Schizo-Culture: On Prisons and Madness as its point of departure. Reengaging with the myriad cultural connections and fractures the original event exposed, the project will feature an expanded and speculative schizo-cultural archive alongside a series of new artistic commissions, screenings, performances and public discussions.

Organised by the early Semiotext(e) group – then comprising Sylvère Lotringer and John Rajchman – whose mission statement was to ‘bring together two continents of thought through a revolution of desire,’ the 1975 Schizo Culture conference saw counter-cultural icons such as John Cage, William S. Burroughs, R.D. Laing and Ti-Grace Atkinson come head to head with figures now regarded as some of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century: Michel Foucault, Jean Francois Lyotard, Gilles Deleuze, and Felix Guattari.

Cracks in the Street will feature new exhibition and performance commissions by Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson (Terminal Beach), Sidsel Meineche Hansen, and Susan Stenger, alongside recordings and ephemera from the original 1975 event and the Semiotext(e) archive (courtesy of Fales Library and Special Collections, New York), and additional contributions from, amongst others, William Burroughs, Plastique Fantastique (a collaboration between David Burrows & Simon O’Sullivan and others), Vivienne Dick, Orphan Drift, Hedi El Kholti and Sylvère Lotringer.”

Here’s some photos from both shows…. and all because a Twitter caught our attention and took us over the street (abd the cracks) to the ephemera. Plastique fantastique indeed…  (SW)


The Schizo-Culture project will culminate on December 12-14 with a closing weekend of performances, screenings, live music and discussion addressing many of the socio-political subjects schizo-culture engages with (anti-psychiatry, disciplinary rationalities, philosophy and language).

The Dean Blunt exhibition goes on until December 7th

Full details via Space.  Space can be found at 129 – 131, Mare Street, Hackney, London E8

A man walked in to an art gallery with a big red hammer, you won’t believe what happened next, stunning!

A man walked in to an art gallery with a big red hammer, you won’t believe what happened next, stunning!

Good morning, where were we?  Well obvious nowhere near any notions of the morning now, well maybe tomorrow morning? Posted a new piece of music from Memnon Sa a couple of days ago, the London band have made the whole of their new album available to explore on line of download for the ridiculously low price of just a quid.    Don’t you just hate those dramatic headlines that people post on social media to try and get you to click on the link and open their pages… click bait, if you’re going to click on it then you deserve what you get, a man with a red hammer? Really? Red? When did you last see a red hammer? You’re here now, may as well check out Memnon Sa’s new album and the art of Elena Dimitrova, she has some work on the walls of Street Corner Gallery in Vyner Street, East London right now…


“This kind of destroys everything. makes me think that really all you need is a little bass a little drums and amazingly depressed singing , no strings , no guitars, nada and it can still absolutely destroy.” said Paul Lai –  Just how beautiful was Karen Carpenter’s voice, listen to these recordings of her vocals in isolation

Here’s a red painting from an artist called Elena Dimitrova

Elena Dimitrova

Elena Dimitrova


And here’s an old red hammer, nothing like the one the man walked in to a gallery with…


And here’s a recording of the late Jack Bruce sound-checking….



More tomorrow I imagine….

RIP Cream legend Jack Bruce

The BBC are reporting the death of legendary CREAM bass player JACK BRUCK… We can’t let this pass without a word, Jack Bruce, one of the finest bass players ever in one of the finest bands ever… .

A statement on his official website said: “It is with great sadness that we, Jack’s family, announce the passing of our beloved Jack: husband, father and granddad and all-round legend.  The world of music will be a poorer place without him, but he lives on in his music and forever in our hearts.”


Here’s what the BBC have to say…..

“Jack Bruce, bassist from 1960s band Cream, has died aged 71, his publicist confirms.

Legendary supergroup Cream, which also included Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker, are now considered one of the most important bands in rock history. They sold millions of albums in just over two years and were given the first ever platinum disc for Wheels of Fire. Bruce wrote and sang most of the songs, including “I Feel Free” and “Sunshine Of Your Love”.

Born in the Glasgow suburb of Bishopbriggs in 1943, his parents travelled extensively in Canada and the USA and the young Jack attended 14 different schools. He finished his formal education at Bellahouston Academy and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music, to which he won a scholarship for cello and composition. He left the academy and Scotland at the age of 16 and eventually found his way to London where he became a member of the influential Alexis Korner’s Blues Inc, where Charlie Watts, later to join the Rolling Stones, was the drummer.

Jack Bruce (left) with Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton in Cream in the mid-1960sJack Bruce (left) with Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton in Cream in the mid-1960s


He played in a number of bands throughout the early 60s, including John Mayall’s Blues Breakers and Manfred Mann before joining Clapton and Baker in Cream. Cream split in November 1968 at the height of their popularity, with Bruce feeling he had strayed too far from his ideals. Bruce never again reached the commercial heights he did with Cream but his reputation as one of the best bass guitarists in the business grew throughout the subsequent decades. In May 2005, he reunited with his former Cream bandmates for a series of concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall”.


ORGAN THING: Spray Paint, over from Texas and spray painting East London, spray paint is always a good thing…



Spray paint? How can you possible not love the sound of spray paint, shake that can and let it flow, I love the smell of Montana in the morning, next door neighbour swears on Belton, he’s a pointalist though, all neat and hit the spot..  Spray Paint are over here next week, touring the UK, including East London on October 31st - here’s the listing from the ever useful (a damn fine website that seems to be rather taken for granted by you London promoters and bands, all those listings don’t just happen you know, support that website, at least post links up on your sites you lazy bands andvenues, support is a two way thing, take advantage of he outrageously cheap ad rates, they work hard on that site and you’d damn well miss it it wasn’t there! The only decent reliable London gig gig guide we know of. Here comes the listing (and no, besides recommending gigs in there, the site is nothing to do with us)

spray paintcover2“SPRAY PAINT / THE REBEL / THE GUTTERS / TENSE MEN @ The Victoria, Dalston, Friday 31st October –  SPRAY PAINT are a no wave punk outfit from Austin, Texas…Spray Paint’s buzz-sawing guitars run headlong through labyrinthine tunnels of reverb, chased down by some wildly brain-bashing drums. All three members of Spray Paint sing too, helping create an uncontrollable sense of fervour as they jostle for the words. They work up a tone of paranoia amid the jagged rhythms, locking into a motoric groove that’s impossible to escape from, offset with stormy blasts of distortion’ Facebook event here




ORGAN THINGS: New Scott Walker and Sunn O))), new Thurston Moore, Nought-powered….

More things, buses, the third will be along in a moment, we are in deepest London, all around up buses roar, police sirens annoying and paint cansare shaking, the smell of Montana battle the smell of Belton from next door…. I can shake my cans louder than you!

This just posted:  BRANDO /// A film by Gisèle Vienne

Music : Brando, from ‘Soused’, the collaborative record by Scott Walker + Sunn O)))


We Could Not Agree. Opening night...

We Could Not Agree. Opening night…

meanwhile, Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore is back with his new project, we’ve covered it here already of course, here’s some more. Together with My Bloody Valentine’s Debbie Googe, and hero of a hundred fine bands James Sedwards along with Steve Shelley (also formerly in Sonic Youth); Thurston Moore and new group brew together the sounds and styles  different eras of the members bands and music to create something rather fresh. “Speak To The Wild” The album is out in Matador Records now, here’s a video taster.


We Could Not Agree

We Could Not Agree