Organ thing of the day? Manchester’s Trojan Horse have a new album ready to go…

Organ thing of the day? Well why not, Manchester’s Trojan Horse have a new album ready to go….

“The new Trojan Horse album ‘World Turned Upside Down’ is up for Pre-order today. It comes with immediate download of two tracks ‘Jurapsyche Park’ and ‘Paper Bells’ You can get it from Bad Elephant Music”  Here’s a track, here comes a link and the rest is up to you, go let that horse in…



Folkestone yesterday

Folkestone yesterday

ORGAN THINGS: The Folkestone Art Car Boot Fair, the goldrush, the Triennial, the Fringe, me and Yoko Ono and…

folkestone_tri9Sunday Sunday, it has been an interesting week, not much time for sleeping… Yesterday was all about a day trip on the train with bags full of art and a visit to the Folkestone seaside where the Folkestone Triennial as well as the Folkestone Fringe are currently taking place.  The Fringe yesterday included the third and final Art Car Boot Fair of the year (Brick Lane, East London and Liverpool being the first two parts of this year’s Art Car Boot Fair adventure).   A mad early morning rush out of London, bags and rucksacks heavy with art, seaside treats in store, catch the train, get out of the city…  Been looking forward to this one, the on-line tasters, the programme promises and advance videos from both the Triennial and the Fringe have had us anticipating and the Art Car Boot Fair is always a pleasure to be part of.

evh_folk6There’s an ITV news video here that gives you a flavour of the event that is the Art Car Boot Fair.  People lined up along the harbour waiting to get in at midday, excitement in the air, artists frantically getting their boots ready (the event is sponsored by Vauxhall, they gave us the same blue car they gave us in Liverpool to use as a “boot”), personally I was lusting after one of the old ones, but hey, they gave us a fancy modern blue one (for the day)

Tracey Emin was the main headline of couse, well alongside Sir Peter Blake and Gavin Turk and such – “Her work is usually sold in galleries fetching thousands, if not millions, of pounds. But today Margate’s Tracey Emim was among many high-profile artists selling their work at a car boot sale as part of the Triennial in Folkestone. Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to artists Jim Moir, Gavin Turk, Julia Riddiough and organiser of the Art Car Boot Fair, Karen Ashton”. .Tracey was there by the way, just not while the reporter and cameras were.

We were there as Cultivate, we this time being myself, Emma Harvey and Quiet British Accent as well as Folkestone painter Tim Skinner (well it would have been rude to take Cultivate to Folkestone without inviting a local painter to come get involved and Tim is one of our favourite painters)

folkestone_tri17A day of seaside treats then, not sure where the Triennial ends and the Fringe starts (and not sure if it matters), but we can report that Folkestone is a town alive with art and a town that looks, on first impression, to be a town regenerating itself in the right way   There a buzz provided by the art, a buzz that’s there from the moment you get off the train and encounter the big Yoko One Earth Peace billboard. The goldrush is helping of course, people engaging and mostly having lots of fun digging on the beach (seems to be a lot of ska around the place as well), we liked Folkestone and out day of seaside treats.

folkestone_tri62This not a review, this is not a piece of critical artistic analysis of the opening weekend of events  (that might just come along later), these are just some photos of my day, our day, by the seaside taking part in the Art Car Boot Fair and the Fringe, leaving art around the town (pleased to see people twittering about finding it) and enjoying being artists.

Some photos of the day then,  photos from the Cultivate “boot” at the Folkestone Art Car Boot Fair, a flavour of the Fringe and the Triennial as well as more of my art drops around town – pieces painted on recycled cardboard found on the street and put back out on the street.  Enjoy the photos, click on one to enlarge it or run the whole slideshow

Thanks for a great day Folkestone, we shall be back soon if you’ll have us, it was indeed a much needed seaside treat  (Sean)


Photo credits – EH, QBA, SW


ORGAN THINGS: Fresh Godzilla Black, Gabriel Lester at the Folkestone Triennial

Thursday, more rushed things, not so little things…. earfood, eyefood, scafolding and the ever impressive Godzilla Black have a new EP  Why aren’t this band all over the mainstream music media, so many bland beige average things thrust at us when things as good as this are on the whole ignored. We can’t stop when things like this still need to be shouted about….


Here’s a video or two of some things happening in Folkestone during the Triennial that starts this weekend








ORGAN THINGS: Some new KAYO DOT, some SOLAR WIMP and How To Organise Your Life & Get Rid Of Clutter…

Tuesday things, in a rush today, no time to be here dishing out’s some signposts and link, you can do the exploring today…. ….

KAYO DOT have released a new track ahead of their next album, read more about it over at Brooklyn Vegan, here’s the track…


SOLAR WIMP? Who are they? Don’t ask me, here’s they are, came to our attention simply because they’re on the bill with the ever excellent Upsilon Acrux over at The Smell over there somewhere in California… We always make a point of checking out anyone on bills with Upsilon (or indeed Chicago’s Lovely Little Girls)



How To Organise Your Life & Get Rid Of Clutter

“A super limited run of 50 self-dubbed, hand assembled cassettes.  Recorded over the 1996 self-help classic audiobook of the same name, with passages of original audio.

In a world of throwaway internet content, this is a small attempt at making the vehicle itself have some kind of meaning. Recycled self-help will carry our music to your ears. Another artefact to lose on your untidy shelf, already covered with stuff you don’t need. As each of these will be done by hand with no professional equipment, patience will be a virtue”.



ORGAN THING: A taste of the forthcoming collaborative album by Scott Walker and Sunn O)))


4AD Records have just posted that  “Following the initial news of Soused, the collaborative record by Scott Walker and Sunn O))), fans can now hear a tantalising excerpt via a two-minute trailer.

Soused will be released on October 20th, and pre-orders for all formats (double LP, CD and digital download) are now available. The vinyl edition consists of two 180g LPs, pressed on black vinyl and housed in a heavyweight tip-on sleeve. The artwork was designed by Sunn O)))’s Stephen O’Malley, featuring photography by Gast Bouschet.

Recorded in London in early 2014 and produced by Scott Walker and long-time ally Peter Walsh with the assistance of musical director Mark Warman, Soused is a 5-track 50-minute body of work that cements both acts’ wide-reaching and otherworldly renown.


ORGAN THING: We Own The Future and the future is brown – Brown Sabbath, Shepard Fairey….

Things, none stop things, that’s the thing, if you want things?Well do you? Sun out, paint to throw, Folkestone to prepare for, that and We Are Three and the future that must be owned….

Shepard Fairey’s completed mural at The Bowery in Manhattan, part three of his mural tour…


Some Brown Sabbath live in Texas….


The 5th One Hundred Pieced Piece goes on….

Hackney, East London, Aug 2014

Hackney, East London, Aug 2014



ORGAN THING: Thurston Moore’s new band, the “secret” gig at Cafe Oto…

Organ Thing: Thurston Moore played a “secret” gig in London at Cafe Oto last weekend showcasing the new band he’s formed with Debbie Googe of My Bloody Valentine.  Moore and Googe were joined on stage by Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley and Chrome Hoof/Nought guitarist James Sedwards, and you can watch footage from the gig right here

.’s the title track from Thurston Moore’s new album ‘The Best Day’, out October 21st on Matador Records.



Ahd here, have some Nought from 2010

ORGAN THING: Deerhoof order breakfast and release a taste of their new album, meanwhile down by the canal…

Thing of the day?  Too many choice to order breakfast, with all this delicious earfood to choose from good lord, we do get some awful awful music cluttering up our in-box, what on earth makes you record company people and such think want any of this spoiling our day, what makes you imagine we’re going to cover any of this or inflict it on those tasteful enough read these fractured raving and droolings? Who the hell is Taylor Swift anyway? Why did you waste thirty seconds of my day with that poorly manufactured blandness just then?  Do you really like this faceless tedium you peddle at us? You surely don’t go home from work and listen to this stuff out of choice do you? Sure I know it can be a buzz working in the industry and the music business game is what you get off on rather than the actual music (or product as you like ot call call it). hang on enough of the product, here’s some music, fresh Deerhoof just emerged, an excellent breakfast choice….


The various Deerhoofs spent much of the last year creating different earfood in their various side projects: Greg Saunier hung around with Sean Lennon is Mystical Weapons; Satomi Matsuzaki played a few solo shows, including one at Philip Glass’ Philippines benefit concert; John Dieterich did things as Bad News from Houston; and Ed Rodriguez  got involved in some remix work. On November 4th, however, the band San Francisco we all know and love as Deerhoof will release their 12th studio album, La Isla Bonita. “Serving as the follow-up to 2012’s Breakup Song, the 10-track effort was produced by Nick Sylvester (formerly of Mr. Dream) and draws upon a wide array of influences, including Beck, Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, Lou Reed, Sonic Youth, and more”.


In a statement, Saunier said, “No band is an island. Felt like one sometimes, in those budgetless and obscure early days, Satomi and me locked in the basement trying to figure out how our clashing personalities and ideas could turn into a band. If we hadn’t had that crazed mid-’90s Bay Area punk scene to call home, I doubt we’d still be here to chat about a 20th anniversary. We don’t set out to create masterpieces. The Deerhoof fan is a thrill-seeker. This is the latest volley in an ongoing conversation we’ve been honored to hold for 20 years.”

The first taste of the LP comes via its lead single, “Exit Only”. After exploring the realm of electronica with Breakup Song, Deerhoof emphatically return to their roots of blitzing, occasionally gritty rock. “Drums pop like small arms fire, guitars surge like industrial-sized chainsaws, and Matsuzaki’s vocals are as deceptively childlike as ever. It’s a straight shot of saccharine-flavored dissonance, like mainlining a couple dozen Pixy Stix in one sitting”.

Right, that’s my lazy cut ‘n paste is done, you got your breakfast earfood, you got the information, we never promised anything more than that with this born again version of Organ, we certainly didn’t promise jetpacks or whoever Taylor Swift is…. Right, things to deal with, got to go see the duck (down by the canal,, Hackney, East London ), long live the good ship Deerhoof and all who choose to breakfast with her… .

Photos and such SW


aaa_cultevolved_folkestORGAN THING OF THE DAY: ARTISTS ANNOUNCED FOR FOLKESTONE ART CAR BOOT FAIR…Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk, Sir Peter Blake, Matt Collishaw and…

Right then, the artist list for the Folkestone leg of this year’s excellent Art Car Boot Fair adventure has just been published on the official ACB website -

Here’s their list “Tracey Emin · Gavin Turk · Sir Peter Blake · Matt Collishaw · Vic Reeves & Michael Hogben · Chris Barnes · James Unsworth · Nina Saunders · Nina Fowler · Carolyn Gowdy · Jennifer and Christine Binnie · Wilma ‘Surfmama’ Johnson · David J Batchelor · Jake Clark · Scrawl Collective · Swifty · Cultivate Gallery: Sean Worrall, Emma Harvey, Zoe Crosse, Julia Maddison, Mathew Tudor, Quiet British Accent · The Juncture · Camille Phoenix · Ian Dawson and the COPY SHOP · Herrick Gallery featuring Disastronaut · Matt Rowe & Club Shepway · Diane Dever ·Deborah Crofts ·Sadie Hennessy ·Julia Riddiough ·Heidi Plant ·Nick Morley ·Kyp & Simon Hollington ·Sally Penfold as ‘Bayle Window’ ·Kate Knight · Hannah Muck and more to be announced!”

The Folkestone leg of the Art Car Boot Fair happens on Saturday August 30th, 11am until somewhere around 6pm, all part of the Folkestone Triennial….  See you by the seaside for Art Car Boot Fair part three….

art_car_flyerHere’s some visual flavours from Cultivate boot at Art Car Boot Fair 2014 part one and two in Liverpool and London…  (click on an image to enlarge and run the slide show)


ORGAN THINGS: Bob and Roberta Smith and the Art Party, yer man from Medulla Nocte and such, Paul Catten…

More more, yer man from Medulla Nocte and such, that the Thing today…. Paul Catten….


That should do for today…….no one needs to be creating anything or using any kind of imagination or any of that….  hey, you, do your maths…


In advance of the screening and event at the ICA on 21 August, we interviewed Bob and Roberta Smith about the Art Party movement he started in 2011, the new film of the same name he made with filmmaker Tim Newton, and what we can do to help save arts education in the United Kingdom.

For more information about Art Party, join us on 21 August for the screening and event afterwards.

BOB AND ROBERTA SMITH at the Art Car Boot Fair....

BOB AND ROBERTA SMITH at the Art Car Boot Fair….


Today we shall mostly be wasting time painting….

OFF THE WALL  - A Dirty Great Flower left on a garden wall

OFF THE WALL – A Dirty Great Flower left on a garden wall




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